A black woman who went from being on welfare to being a millionaire has become a viral sensation this week over a video in which she slammed Black Lives Matter and condemned the push to remove a Confederate statue in her town.

Cathy Dodson of Wichita Falls, Texas stood up to speak at a city council meeting over whether a Confederate monument at city hall should be removed. After living in the city for 41 years, Dodson said the monument is irrelevant to her, so nobody else should worry about it either.

“Speaking as a black person living in the city, I can honestly tell you the black folks in Wichita Falls don’t care one way or another about that monument,” she said. “That’s why they’re not here. They don’t care.”

Dodson then opened up about her personal story.

“One of my proudest moments was when I walked into that welfare office and told them, ‘I don’t need these food stamps anymore. I can feed myself and my son,'” she said. “Fast-forward 38 years. I own 17 homes right here in Wichita Falls […] and run a bed and breakfast. I have made a success out of my life out of hard work and perseverance.”

Dodson credited her success to working hard, adding that the monument did nothing to hinder her.

“My success came in and happened in spite of that rock sitting in the front yard of Memorial Auditorium,” she continued. “It’s just a rock, it’s not good, not bad. It don’t have the ability to be racist. And it don’t have control over anybody. It’s just a rock.”

Not stopping there, Dodson said that it would be ridiculous for the city council to remove the statue, as they would only be helping cancel culture.

“The issue of removing the statue is a distraction and an excuse to dismantle this city,” she said. “If it comes down, there will be something else and something else and something else and something else to please these terrorist young folks.”

She also had some choice words for Black Lives Matter.

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“If BLM wanted to help black people in the area, they could help with their needs, like paying the rent, putting food on the table,” Dodson added about Black Lives Matter. “That would be more beneficial.”

Check out Dodson’s full comments below: