WATCH: Female protester sneaks up on cop, his horse kicks and sends her sailing for animal cruelty

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, or the rear—OUCH!

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When a lefty communist agitator tried to sneak up on a horse-mounted cop with seeming animal cruelty up her sleeve, his horse took matters into his own hooves and sent the commie sailing.

Two police officers were on their horses with their backs to a woman. She ran up and appeared to intentionally hit the police horse. She got a kick out of her behavior, and it must really be physically painful as well as highly embarrassing. The horse hit her back, much harder, and actually sent her reeling, landing on the nice hard pavement. Ouch! I’d say that was one very well-placed karma kick. You can watch the video below:

I don’t know what it is with these leftists and being mean to animals. I mean, I always knew they were hateful people, but I at least thought they’d care about animals. Apparently not—I have seen video after video of them tormenting police horses. These are the type of people who would kick a dog if they knew it belonged to a Trump supporter. Sick stuff. With laws expressly written regarding intentional harm to any law enforcement dog or horse, this young animal abuser should have been arrested.

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28 days ago

Kill her.

25 days ago

Please stop sending us to the Enemy TWITTER to watch videos !

23 days ago

I left Twitter last year, please post these elsewhere.

James E Embry
James E Embry
19 days ago

I strongly do not approve of mounted police being used at a genuinely peaceful protest. They like to use the horses to intimidate the crowd and, in some cases, will use the horses to apply force to the gathering. I have been against this since the Vietnam War when they used this tactic on anti-war protestors. I didn’t agree with those people, not at all, but I believed they were entitled to their own opinions and to peacefully demonstrate for them. I realized at the time that what should be done at a planned protest, if aggressive mounted police were expected, was to take an old-fashioned hatpin, like my grandmother used to pin her long hair or hold her hat on her head on a windy day, that can easily be concealed in one’s clothing, If it became necessary because of unjustified aggressive actions of the horse’s riders, a protestor so equipped might approach one of the animals from the rear quarter, not the direct rear or, as happened here, you might get kicked, but just far enough back to be out of the line of sight of the rider. Once within arm’s reach, the hatpin could be forcefully inserted into the animal’s belly, just in front of the rear leg where the flesh is soft, then rapidly retreat at a 90 degree angle from the direction the animal is facing. Watch how much the rider enjoys the result! It’s unfortunate that the animal will temporarily feel some pain, but there is very little risk of permanent injury and even less of death. If the riders don’t want the horses to feel the results of their aggressive behavior, they should leave them in the stable!

11 days ago
Reply to  James E Embry

I read a post like this and wonder what kind of sick and twisted people try to distort the narrative to exonerate the clearly illegal, harmful, disgusting actions of an idiot who decides to attack a horse in anger and with violent intent?

Why do you continue to excuse such behavior on the grounds that you don’t believe the horse should be there in the first place?

Last edited 11 days ago by Dnav