After Tim Tebow posted a powerful Christian message to his Twitter page on Monday, fans were stunned when it was censored by the social media site and labelled as “sensitive content.”

Twitter is now saying that this was an error, with a spokesman for the social media company telling The Blaze, “The Tweet…was flagged as potentially sensitive media in error. It has been corrected.” The video itself is so uncontroversial, however, that many are wondering how it could have been flagged in the first place.

The video features Tebow telling his Christian fans that they should remember that they can lean on God during tough times such as those in which we are living.

“Bible believers, when we look at the Bible, and we see a lot of the heroes, a lot of times they truly were wounded deeply before they were ever used greatly,” the former NFL quarterback said. “So maybe you’re going through a time in your life where you feel like you’ve just been wounded greatly. It hasn’t been your year, hasn’t been your day — you just don’t feel like this is your time.”

“This could be your time for learning,” Tebow warned. “This could be your time for growing. This could be your time for adapting. This could be the time that is a test for you, but tomorrow it gets turned into a testimony.”

He added that God could be preparing us for greater challenges in the future.

“You never know what God is doing with your life,” Tebow said. “You never know what He is preparing you for. So many times in the Bible, when we look at the heroes, there were times in their life where — if they stopped, if they quit, if they said, ‘No, God, I’ve had enough’ — then they would have missed out on the most impactful, most influential times of their life.”

“Maybe that is the next step for you,” he added. “Maybe that is tomorrow. Maybe that is next week, maybe that is next year. But when we quit, we will never know what we missed out on. We will never know what’s in store for us.”

In the end, Tebow said that Christians are better equipped to handle this pandemic because of their close relationship with Jesus Christ.

“We get to trust an unknown future to a known God, because we know how much He loves us,” he explained. “We know what He did for us in sending His son. He gave His best for us.”

Do you think Twitter censors conservatives?

“Right where you’re at, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re going through, He loves you. You were enough for His son to die on the cross, that’s how much you’re loved,” Tebow concluded. “Hold onto that in your time of need.”

He posted the video to Twitter along with the caption, “This could be your time. That breakthrough could be tomorrow, or it could be next year. But, you have the opportunity to turn however you’re being tested into a testimony. So many heroes were wounded deeply before they were used greatly!”

Twitter may be claiming that censoring this video was an “error,” but that seems awfully fishy to us. Given how liberal Big Tech is, it would not be surprising if a leftist at Twitter found the Christian message of Tebow’s video so offensive that he or she decided it just had to be censored.

Imagine the outrage that would come from the Left if Twitter did this to a Muslim video.