Fox News host Sean Hannity went off on a tear Tuesday night and eviscerated New York City’s Marxist Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on the subject that hits home to most New Yorkers: rising crime and the mayor’s inability to stop it. What does de Blasio do instead? He targets the police for criticism and massive budget cuts.

“Comrade de Blasio, well, he’s done a lot of things, a lot of horrible things that’s destroying New York City. It’s costing many lives. The anti-crime plainclothes police officers in the NYPD, that unit has been disbanded, is completely eliminated [as is] the effective policy that we call ‘stop and frisk.’ He cut the NYPD budget by over a billion dollars and now state lawmakers might force police to buy their own personal insurance for liability lawsuits.”

“I guess my only advice, if I’m going to be a friend to the people I love —frankly, adore and admire— for their sacrifice, service and the risk they take for all of us: I guess if you’re a cop and you can retire, now is the time. If you’re new on the job, you might want to think about another job,” said Hannity.

This is surprising advice from the popular conservative television show host. But it has become so bad in New York that it has logically come to this point. Why should good men and women in blue risk their lives for a mayor who clearly loathes them and a city who elects a mayor like Bill de Blasio?

Hannity wasn’t done, “New York City is basically giving you the middle finger and they’re also making it impossible to do your job to protect and serve your local community. Meanwhile, far-left Governor Andrew Cuomo, well, he signed off on that insane, idiotic bail reform policy. He’s the one that signed the bill that allows violent offenders to get out of jail the exact same day without posting a penny in bail. Nothing whatsoever. In other words, the consequences of these soft on crime policies [mean] it is now dire in New York City and state.”

Hannity correctly understands the relationship between the city and the state. Although de Blasio and Cuomo are said to hate each other, they are united in one, perhaps, unintentional goal: The destruction of the city of New York.

“What’s happening in New York is the direct result of de Blasio and Cuomo’s failed policies. When laws are not enforced, when police budgets are slashed, when cops are not supported, when criminals get out of jail without any bail, chaos, carnage, predictably, will always ensue. Always. It’s not a hard mathematical formula,” Hannity lamented.

In New York, police officers are under fire from rioters, criminals, and their own city government. Police families are scared and frustrated. Citizens, the ones not throwing Molotov cocktails at squad cars, are seeing a once safe city while under GOP mayors descend into Gotham-like anarchy. What do the mayor and governor do? Fight amongst themselves and ignore the crisis. It’s a helluva way to run a town.