Robert Mueller to occupy Senate hot seat

Senator Lindsey Graham will have Mueller in his political crosshairs.

On Sunday, various media outlets reported that former Russian hoax Special Counsel Robert Mueller will soon testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about his role in the fake Russia investigation.

On Twitter, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, confirmed he will ask Mueller to go under oath before his committee. Graham added, “Apparently, Mr. Mueller is willing and also capable of defending the Mueller investigation.”

This came after Mueller wrote a bitter op-ed entitled “Roger Stone remains a convicted felon and rightly so.” He penned a spiteful and sour grapes piece over the president’s commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence. This from a man who spent ages and millions of taxpayer dollars presiding over a charade.

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In the article, Herr Mueller maintained his convictions against Stone were proper, that the people involved in those investigations “acted with the highest integrity,” and that the probe was “of paramount importance.” Let’s see, the whole probe was based on the Democrat-funded Steele Dossier and was conducted by the most unethical and indeed criminal FBI agents in the history of the United States. But yeah, Bob, “highest integrity.”

Mueller emphasized it led to seven convictions and more than two dozen charges of witness tampering and lying to investigators. All, in the light of day, under suspicion and possibly under criminal investigation by the Durham probe. The White House issued a statement following the Stone commutation.

“He [Stone] was treated very unfairly, just like General Flynn is treated unfairly, just like Papadopoulos was treated unfairly. They’ve all been treated unfairly. …People are extremely happy because in this country, they want justice.”

Trump tweeted Saturday, SAYING Stone “was targeted by an illegal Witch Hunt that never should have taken place.”

The White House responded to the Mueller op-ed: “Robert Mueller and his corrupt investigation failed to hold anyone in the Obama-Biden Administration accountable for their negligence toward Russian interference or for spying on the Trump Campaign based on a Democrat-funded dossier full of lies, and instead wasted taxpayer dollars trying to undo an election. Mr. Mueller should keep his promise to the American people and let the report, which fully exonerated the President, stand instead of pontificating in the editorial pages with more spin.”

Mueller received softballs in front of the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee in July of 2019, but with a Republican-controlled Senate, it will be a different scenario. Senator Graham is building a wider case for public examination, including the proven data on how investigators criminally abused their power.

Parts of the Mueller interrogation will center around the Justice Department’s decision to prosecute Stone. The president and Graham allege Stone was a victim of a politically manufactured hoax. As was Carter Page, as was General Michael Flynn, as was the president himself.

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