Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf urges rioters to tone it down because she’s afraid they’re ‘helping’ President Trump

Libby's worried...

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Oakland, California’s anti-Trump Mayor Libby Schaff (D) is getting worried.

She thinks the “agitators” who are disrupting otherwise “peaceful protests” (Democrats’ tall tale) are causing more harm than good. She’s concerned that these “militants” are giving President Donald Trump the images and ammunition he needs to make the case to send his federal troops into liberal-run cities.

Mayor Schaff’s comments come on the heels of a recent vandal attack at her home where Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters covered the outside of her home in radical graffiti.

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Schaff, who wants to “defund the police,” quickly called the cops after the attack on her home, claiming she was being “terrorized” and “intimidated.”

Of course, if that happens to your home or business, Schaff expects you to call a social worker to come over and chat about your feelings.

From Daily Wire:

Mayor Libby Schaaf (D) told Oakland residents in a statement Sunday to remain vigilant of agitators who seek to use protests as cover for militant activities, a warning she delivered after vandals set multiple fires in the downtown area, including one at the Alameda County Superior Courthouse. She also invoked President Donald Trump.

“Vandalizing our downtown gives Donald Trump the images he wants and the justification he seeks to send federal troops into American cities,” said Schaaf, an apparent reference to the federal agents that have been dispatched to Portland to help quell the ongoing unrest.

“We can’t be fooled and play into his twisted campaign strategy. We celebrate passionate protests but Oaklanders need to know that when they attend protests after dark they may be providing cover for agitators who are more intent on stoking than advancing racial justice,” she said.

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The Democrats are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place right now. While many (most recently, Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler) and the fake news media are still trying to call these “mostly peaceful protests” and claim the “violence” is a “myth,” the barrage of violent videos that are being shared across social media platforms are making it increasingly difficult for Democrats to ignore the reality of what’s really going on.

Libby’s tactic is to pretend that the nightly violence is coming from a “small group” of ragtag militants and urging them to stop what they’re doing because they’re “helping Trump” with their violent actions.

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What Libby either doesn’t know or won’t admit (logically the latter) is that what’s happening right now in liberal-run cities across the U.S. is a full-blown communist insurrection, and neither she nor anyone has any control over these radical anti-American communists. Their agenda, which is the complete annihilation of the United States, has little to do with Trump or Biden, and everything to do with overthrowing our government and systems.

You can’t reason with these radicals. It’s like trying to ask a rabid wolverine to stop biting and to just “be nice.”

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