We’ve covered the recent pathetic shenanigans of other anti-Trump supposedly GOP groups allying with Joe Biden and the Democrats in trying to take down the president.

Now this week a leader in another group of collaborationist Vichy Republicans has found himself in deep trouble because of his greed, the same reason these out of favor and out of work lobbyists, consultants, and pundits are attacking the president.

Matthew Borges, a lobbyist and former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, was arrested for playing a leading role in a $60 million bribery scam.

Borges plotted with the Republican Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives to get a $1.3 billion taxpayer payment for an Ohio energy company, FirstEnergy Solutions. But Borges and his nefarious pals went farther and extorted $60 million from the firm to help prevent the shutdown of two of the company’s nuclear power plants. The bribe was funneled through a non profit fund run by House Speaker Larry Householder. Borges is looking at serious jail time. That should put a crimp in his plan to topple the president. And how did he plan to aid in that effort?

In June Borges teamed with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci in starting “Right Side PAC”. The Super PAC was formed to lure 2016 Republican Trump voters over to Biden by stressing issues where the president allegedly veers from conservative orthodoxy. Scaramucci, one remembers, did such a bad job as White House Communications Director that he was fired before the ink was dry on his new business cards. Like incompetents and ingrates before him who ran afoul of the president because they couldn’t do their jobs properly, Scaramucci immediately tried to make hay out of his dismissal by revealing a new found revulsion towards the president, the man who only weeks beforehand they were devoted to for the sake of the nation. But hey, a hustler needs a paycheck, right?

This particular Never Trumper pitch to 2016 GOP Trump voters is, “Biden’s record on free trade, states’ rights, federal spending, and respecting U.S. diplomatic and military alliances … to make the case that most anti-Trump Republicans can feel comfortable supporting him.” Though, give them this, they claim they would not spend cash attacking down-ballot Republicans.

Like the media-driven Lincoln Project, this Super PAC was never going to affect the election much one way or another. It is merely a payday vehicle for the Vichy Republicans involved.

Given Trump’s record setting recent virtual fundraiser that garnered over $20 million for the reelection effort from over 300,000 individual donors, almost twice the Biden number at a recent event, and the nervousness of the Democrats evidenced by their contrived media polls and hysterical messaging, Mr. Borges and his cohorts may have to find yet another gig. If federal prosecutors have their way, that next slot for Borges may be as toilet stall attendant at the nearest ClubFed.