If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships then the Steele dossier was the report that launched a thousand hoaxes.

Over this last weekend it was revealed that not only did the Democrats pay for the whole thing, a fact the then corrupt FBI knew, but they bought it from their own people, not from Russian sources as they first claimed. It was an inside job from the very beginning, probably hatched as soon as Trump was elected.

They couldn’t accept the election results because of their inherent massive petulance and their low opinion of the democratic process. So, this.

The man who fabricated the info had worked for the Brookings Institution as a Russian analyst. For those unfamiliar with the D.C. think tank, Brookings is, under a faux academic patina, the resting place for leftist Democrats out of power. A lot of their extremist positions come out of Brookings. It is thus no surprise that Igor Danchenko, the propagandist in question, provided the information to Steele. Steele was a former British spy.

The dossier was used by the corrupt FBI under James Comey to get wiretaps on Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser. Danchenko is a Russian-trained lawyer who sports degrees from the University of Louisville and Georgetown University. He specializes in Russian consulting work in the Washington, D.C. area.

For five years, until 2010, he worked at Brookings, where he was not known as the brightest of bulbs. Since then his contacts with the Russian government have been noticed. Thus, it is possible that those who claimed Trump was a Russian tool were themselves working for the Kremlin.

His lawyer says he’s a misunderstood angel: “Mr. Danchenko is a highly respected senior research analyst; he is neither an author nor editor for any of the final reports produced by Orbis. Mr. Danchenko stands by his data analysis and research and will leave it to others to evaluate and interpret any broader story with regard to Orbis’s final report.” Orbis is the firm that produced the dossier.

Steele himself said that Page, then with the Trump campaign’s national security team, was part of a “well-developed conspiracy of coordination” between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. It was a bald-faced lie on the face of it. But Democrats knew the press would buy it.

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Steele wrote that Page met covertly with Russian agents in July 2016 to discuss relaxing sanctions against Russia in exchange for political aid. No such meeting ever took place. The source for the info? Danchenko of Brookings.

If this were a normal era with a normal opposition, the Democrats would admit their error and their front bench would resign en masse. But we live in strange times when a socialist authoritarian opposition to the president and the country will do anything to seize power. That includes using blatant lies as the basis for a hoax on the American people. In November, we’ll see if they get away with it.