City of Seattle holds training against ‘whiteness’

Leftist masochism knows no bounds.

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If you’re a white person employed by the City of Seattle you now must sit through hours of racially themed training telling you how horrible you are, how you are a racist, and how disgusting and repugnant you, your family, and your history are to all other people.

And as a taxpayer, you’re paying for the training. Lucky you.

The June 12th city hall-mandated employee training instructed whites on “undoing your own whiteness” in order to be held accountable by “people of color.” Apparently white is not a color.

A flyer distributed during the training declared how “racism is not our fault but we are responsible.” Another said white staffers must give up “the land” and their “guaranteed physical safety” in order to be an “accomplice” for racial justice. The land? Oh well, there goes that parking space close to the office door. Physical safety? Don’t mind the new office guillotine, it’s only for really white people.

Are you embarrassed that Joe Biden is our "president"?

Said reporter Christopher Rufo, who the City of Seattle will not give any comment to: “I’m going to keep pushing—because this is exactly the kind of thought-policing they want to implement everywhere. The new cultural revolution is being fought via corporate HR, city diversity training, and public school curriculums. When you find something like this in your community, expose it, criticize it, mock it, and reject it.” Mocking? No problem.

In the email invitation to the event, the office asked “city employees who identify as white to join this training to learn, reflect, challenge ourselves, and build skills and relationships that help us show up more fully as allies and accomplices for racial justice. We’ll examine our complicity in the system of white supremacy – how we internalize and reinforce it – and begin to cultivate practices that enable us to interrupt racism in ways to be accountable to black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) folks within our community.” BIPOC? Ah, fascists love their acronyms. Gestapo, Stasi, now BIPOC. Birds of a feather.

White employees were told to establish “networks with other white people who are practicing antiracist accomplicehood so you can talk through your struggles in the work of undoing your own whiteness.” Undoing? Will a decent tan suffice?

White employees should begin “practicing self-talk that affirms our complicity in racism… Racism is not our fault but we are responsible.” So, responsible for something for which we are not at fault? Well, that makes sense.

In order to be considered “accomplices,” white employees must forsake “comfort,” “guaranteed physical safety,” “expectations or presumptions of emotional safety,” “control over other people and over the land,” and “relationships with some other white people.” Love the last part. Does that mean you don’t have to talk to the annoying guy in accounting anymore?

White employees were also urged to give up “niceties from neighbors and colleagues,” “the certainty of your job,” and “accepting jobs and promotions when we are not qualified, including racial equity…white people keep the system going” by being socialized “to cause harm to POC,” “justify why we are superior and have been wronged by POC,” “use anger, self-righteousness and defensiveness [to] mask fear, shame, or guilt,” “show up small and inauthentic,” and finally are “unable to imagine a way forward that comes from a place of humanity,” thus reinforcing the status quo. Aside from dealing with their obvious clinical self-loathing, somebody needs to give these Bolsheviks lessons in basic English.

Those who attended the session were also shown “data” entitled “Assimilation into Whiteness,” which displayed how those of “Arab, Jewish, Finnish, German, Italian, Armenian or Irish descent still classify as white.” Oh, good, a racial identification chart. Not like that in of itself is racist in any way.

There are many more details. But by now, you get the drift. Thus, if you’re white in Seattle you’ll be treated like blacks were in Alabama in 1955. The irony seems to escape those who mandate the treatment.

David Kamioner
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