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Charlie Kirk hits liberal colleges in the wallet

That's exactly how to get to them.

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk is no stranger to controversy or hitting the Left where they really live. Here’s a recent example.

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Now he’s taken on a big fat leftist target just sitting in the water waiting to be sunk by a trademark Kirk political Exocet missile. He’s going after leftist colleges where it will hurt them most: in their bank accounts. Fox News reported the details.

Turning Point USA founder Kirk calls the move “DivestU,” and is TPUSA’s “most aggressive project yet to combat rampant Leftism at universities by striking where they are most vulnerable: their wallets.” Kirk explained his war plans.

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“For years I have grown frustrated at how center-right philanthropists and business people continue to write big checks to these universities. We encounter a lot of these colleges that feel emboldened by their multibillion-dollar endowments and steady flow of capital from alumni and donors. For decades the radical left has used divestments as a tactic to try to push for divisive, Marxist ideas – conservatives have never used divestments as a tactic. We’re telling donors they should no longer be writing these seven-figure checks to institutions that are, essentially, the root causes for a lot of the cultural regression we have seen in recent months.”

Bingo. Splash some bogies. How many unsuspecting conservative parents out there are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for the anti-American programming of their own kids? With this initiative Kirk can make those colleges that engage in that type of despicable academic dishonesty pay a price for their perfidy.

Says Kirk, “Some donors are just recommitting the money and putting it toward a hospital or a local food bank – they have lots of different types of plans. Some want to divest their dollars and then fund conservative speakers to come onto campuses. Whatever they decide to do with their money is within their own volition, but once the university no longer has that capital under their umbrella, it really does send a powerful message and a powerful signal that they are giving a vote of disapproval.”

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When asked what would motivate people to join his effort, Kirk said, “Let’s just say, they’re done. They no longer want to have their hard-earned capital go toward colleges that are reinforcing the exact opposite of their world view and what is good for our country.”

Kirk knows that these leftwing educational institutions must “feel some form of loss for this kind of culture they have allowed to continue toward conservative students and students with dissenting opinions. These colleges need to be put on notice… You hit ‘em in the pocketbook. We are confident this will be the best way.”

A Harvard alum was one of the first to jump ship on the Bolshevik training ground. “Harvard: for decades we admired your Noah’s Ark of cultures and ideals – but then you filled your hallowed halls with ideological arsonists and as your ivory tower burns you have the audacity to ask alumni to pay for the firemen!” said Stacey Feinberg in a statement. “You’re not getting another dime from us, Harvard!”

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