You’ll hear the name of Democrat Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms more in the coming weeks because her chance of being the Democrat veep nominee just shot up through the roof.

In an impassioned and tough address to her city and the nation the mayor took on rioters, armed looters, and most of all, Black Lives Matter (BLM).

She is the first Democrat mayor and the first African American mayor to take on BLM, a clearly racist terrorist group.

What prompted her welcome and extraordinary statement?

The murder of an 8 year old girl in an area that was being patrolled by BLM gunmen and that had been occupied and controlled by BLM and their supporters for days.

Her brave stance, in contrast to the cowardice shown by other race hustling Democrat vice presidential wannabes, makes her stock rise in the veepstakes and could send potential contenders, sniffing a change in the wind, scurrying to get behind her views.

Bottoms told a jammed press conference Sunday, “Enough is enough. Enough is enough. We have talked about this movement that’s happening across America and this moment in time when we have the ears and the interests of people across this country and across this globe who are saying they want to see change. But the difference in this moment in time with the civil rights movement — the civil rights movement, there was a defined, common enemy. We’re fighting the enemy within when we are shooting each other up on our streets.”


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She continued: “You shot and killed a baby. And there wasn’t just one shooter; there were at least two shooters. An eight-year-old baby. If you want people to take us seriously, and you don’t want us to lose this movement, then we can’t lose each other. It has to stop.You can’t blame this on police officers. It’s about people who shot a baby in a car. We’re doing each other more harm than any officer on this force.”

“An eight-year-old girl was killed last night because her mother was riding down the street,” Bottoms said. “If Secoriea was not safe last night, none of us are safe.”

Amazing words from a Democrat. And for once a politician seemed to be speaking sincerely, not from a prepackaged script. If Bottoms is the veep nominee or goes on to achieve higher office, it started here.

Secoriya Williamson, the father of murdered eight-year-old Secoriea Turner, told press that his little daughter had been viciously killed after at least two animals in a crowd of armed BLM supporters opened fire on a car she was riding in with her mother.

Police said the little girl’s mom had tried to drive through illegally placed BLM barricades in the area when the vehicle came under fire Saturday night.


“They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own,” Williamson said. “They killed my baby because she crossed a barrier and made a U-turn? You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody. Black Lives Matter? You killing your own. You killed an eight-year-old child. She ain’t did nothing to no one of y’all. She just wanted to get home to see her cousin. That’s all she wanted to do.”

His words ring out as a clarion call to all those who support the lethal guttersnipes of BLM.

Perhaps, hopefully, many will wake up to who they actually are.

In a statement Sunday, authorities said the girl was with her mother and a friend of the mother when they got off Interstate-75/85 onto University Avenue. They were trying to enter a parking lot nearby.

Then they ran into a group of armed BLM gunmen who had blocked the entrance.

“At some point, someone in that group opened fire on the vehicle, striking it multiple times and striking the child who was inside,” the statement read.

Her mom sped the girl to Atlanta Medical Center but she did not survive.

This is the reality of BLM.

This is exactly who they are and what they plan and accomplish.

God’s wrath on every single one of them.