Wayne Allen Root: ‘Mr. President, it’s time to investigate George Soros for funding domestic terrorism’

The former classmate of Obama makes a public plea to our president.

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Conservative author and nationally syndicated radio show host Wayne Allen Root has issued an open letter of sorts to President Donald Trump, calling on him to investigate George Soros for funding domestic terrorism.

Democrats like to talk a lot about “foreign interference” in elections. Thirteen Russian trolls who passed about a few silly Hillary memes in 2016 changed the entire landscape of the country, influencing the world to believe a certain slant. But someone like George Soros —a foreign-born communist billionaire who runs around spending millions upon millions buying our local and state elections— doesn’t appear to be a problem to them.

Not only is it a problem, but Mr. Soros’ other pet project —funding Democrat terror group Antifa— is also a major problem, and it’s high time President Donald Trump requests a full-scale investigation into the Democrat-funding of domestic terror in the United States. That’s precisely what radio host and conservative author Wayne Allen Root is telegraphing.

Root’s public plea to the president, as written by Town Hall, is as follows: “Mr. President, you’ve taken step one: declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist organization. That was a brilliant move. Now it’s time for step No. 2: Cut the head off the snake. We’ve got to aggressively cut off the funding for domestic terrorism. Those who provide funding are terrorists themselves. Who is providing the funding? There are many suspects. Suspect No. 1 is globalist billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. It starts there.”

Root continues: “Is Soros guilty? That’s way above my pay grade. That’s why we need a global investigation. I’m sure there are many other millionaire and billionaire socialists and globalists involved. It’s time to make them run for their lives. If found guilty, it will be time to freeze their assets and hunt them down. My fellow Americans, we are at war. We must face it head-on. Evil globalist and socialist elites are out to bring down and destroy America. Their political arm is the Democratic Party. Their propaganda arm is mainstream media and social media. Their funding arm is Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Their brainwashing arm is made up of millions of Marxist public school teachers and college professors. And, as we are now seeing on the streets of U.S. cities, their military arm is Antifa.”

Mr. Root, who was a classmate of Obama’s at Columbia University, goes on to say that he learned about the Cloward-Piven strategy (a strategy that seeks to cause a capitalist system to collapse through a series of escalating demands that can/could never be met) from Obama and his other liberal classmates.

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Root has said that many of the liberal classmates he met while at Columbia believed in this plan. He’s said that they all bragged about being socialists and communists—they hated America, capitalism, wealthy business owners, and, perhaps most of all, white people. Mr. Root says that his classmates repeated over and over that they wanted to overwhelm the U.S. economic system, bankrupt the wealthy, close all the businesses, and burn it all down. Which is exactly what we’re witnessing right now.

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