Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health experts are testifying before a Senate committee this week on President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response and the country’s progress in reopening. Interestingly, as these “health experts” continue to push the narrative that all Americans should be wearing face masks, Dr. Fauci was caught on video removing his own mask the moment media cameras stopped rolling.

If masks are so important to wear, why do so many journalists take them off the moment the cameras stop rolling? Why do camera crews not wear masks as they’re filming the officials pushing a “must weak masks” spiel? And why are our top “health experts” removing theirs as soon as cameras stop filming them? This hasn’t just happened a couple of times—it’s a regular occurrence and has been highlighted for weeks in multiple pictures and videos widely circulating on social media.

Because of this repetitive pattern we’ve witnessed throughout this ordeal, it’s only natural that many people have questions about the mask-wearing recommendations. It certainly doesn’t help matters when Dr. Fauci sends confusing messages about masks. During his “60 Minutes” interview in the early weeks of the pandemic in America, Fauci said masks were basically pointless, we shouldn’t wear them, and that they were only used to make some people “feel better.” You can watch the video of Fauci’s “60 Minutes” interview below:

It’s a confusing message: One week, the recommendation is “don’t wear masks,” the next week, it’s “wear masks.” Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi want to mandate that all Americans wear masks at all times, even outdoors. Biden even recently stated publicly that if he were president, he would sign an order mandating this.

If masks are such an essential part of fighting off COVID-19, it’s perfectly reasonable to question why Dr. Fauci said a few weeks ago that they’re not, and why does he instantly remove his mask the moment that he thinks the cameras stop rolling? If the mask is so important, why wouldn’t he keep it on at all times while in the Senate committee hearing room? If it’s important enough to keep the mask on when cameras are rolling, why would that “urgency” change suddenly when the cameras are off? This isn’t adding up.