Persistent protests and riotous behavior wreak havoc on cities across the U.S.

With protesting and riotous behavior persisting through the week, the damage caused to businesses is extensive.

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Outrage sparked after the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody. In the wake of the tragedy Black Lives Matter members flooded the streets to protest police violence and racism. These protests quickly turned violent and deadly.

Floyd was arrested for suspicion of using counterfeit money in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prosecutors asserted that when police Officer Thomas Lane attempted to arrest Floyd, he “actively resisted being handcuffed.” Once in handcuffs, police Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck until he was unconscious. Later, while in police custody, Floyd was pronounced dead..

In the wake of this tragedy big cities in the U.S. are faced with violent riots and looting, with many cities taking significant toll with riotous violence against others and property destruction (many due to arson).

With protesting carrying through the week in Atlanta, the damage caused to businesses is extensive. Multiple businesses were looted including Lenox Mall and various retail stores. Rioters set fire to Del Frisco’s Grille; while firefighters worked to extinguished the fire protestors took to damaging fire trucks.

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The Georgia Restaurant Association made a statement regarding the protests and said “the acts of violence were senseless, counter-productive, and have created more obstacles to our recovery.” As retailers and restaurant owners wake up this morning they are forced to confront the damage caused to their businesses.

In Chicago, “protesters could be seen setting cars on fire, breaking into stores and looting.” Multiple businesses ranging from fast food restaurants to clothing stores were vandalized this weekend amid riots. In the wake of overnight riots, Chicago residents came together Sunday morning to help clean up the debris. On Saturday alone, 240 arrests were made during protests as tensions ran high between rioters and police. While conditions worsened in Chicago this weekend, shots rang out, leaving at least six people injured and one dead.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the first protests began on May 26th quickly turned violent. A local news network reported that “crowds marched about 2 1/2 miles to a city police precinct.” After a tense standoff police officers were forced to flea at around 10:00 p.m. when rioters stormed the precinct and lit several fires.

The Minnesota Police Department is not the only government entity to report damage. Estimates report that “at least 270 businesses across the Twin Cities had been vandalized, looted or had doors and windows smashed,” according to the Star-Tribune. The number continues to grow as rioting continues nightly.

In response to the immense damage, police and the Minneapolis National Guard have been cracking down on protestors. An estimated 150 protestors have been arrested in downtown Minneapolis for violating an 8:00 p.m. curfew.

One of the cities that has been hit hardest by riots is New York City. Looting and vandalism have become rampant throughout the boroughs with extensive monetary damage reported.

A spokeswoman for the New York Police Department reported over $750,000 in damage to police cars, with the cost expected to increase as nightly rioting ensues. Similarly, businesses are confronting the harsh reality of massive looting and property damage. With riots being focused in SoHo last night, several stores ranging from luxury brands to small businesses were broken into, leaving thousands of dollars in damage and and heavy losses in theft of property.

Rioting led to the arrest of 345 people during out-of-hand protesting and injury to 33 police officers. These levels are sure to increase if protesting continues into the week.

In the aftermath of violent riots in Pittsburgh, 60 businesses were left damaged and 44 people are in police custody. The Zone 2 police substation was among the buildings vandalized, its windows smashed. Cleanup efforts are underway in the city as volunteers try to fix the damage that’s been done to local businesses.

Business owners in Portland, Oregon are waking up to broken windows and empty shelves as well. Saturday morning, four businesses on the same block were burglarized. This scene is became increasingly common in the city as protesting continued for another day.

An estimate puts at least a dozen businesses having been damaged by rioters so far, with 13 people having been arrested in relation to looting. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency and implemented a curfew for residents in response to the damage.

In Washington, DC, tensions have remained high in our nation’s capital as standoffs between police and protestors continued. On Friday night conditions became so dire that President Donald Trump and members of the presidential family were forced to take shelter in an underground bunker in the White House. The aftermath of nightly riots is evident throughout the city. Historic monuments are under siege throughout the city, with the National Mall reporting multiple instances of vandalism.

Among the monuments damaged was the historic St. John’s Church. The “church of presidents” was set on fire amid protests across the city. The flames were contained to the basement of the church and were eventually extinguished. This was not the only fire to be seen Sunday night, as several fires illuminated the night skies and along the street pathways leading to the White House.

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