On Thursday, an NBC News “THINK” segment opened with, “Drew Brees’ biggest mistake?’ Believing the American flag means anything.” That has been the view of NBC for some time. It now also is the apparent opinion of Drew Brees.

We’ve all heard by now that the New Orleans Saints quarterback, who at one point showed courage and patriotism by refusing to take a knee on the field, has backed down and groveled before the PC police when challenged on his beliefs. NBC News, referencing his first comments, had a message for him. Before Brees jumped ship on many of his fans and on his principles, perhaps he should have noticed the people who were opposing him.

Here is what the anti-American NBC had to say on the subject. “[Brees] has unfortunately become the poster child for what happens when you venerate a hollow space wrapped up in red, white and blue,” writer Noah Berlatsky claimed. “Brees believed that his comments honored the flag and America’s ideals. But valuing a symbol of justice over justice itself isn’t moral or righteous. It’s the opposite. When honoring the flag is the price of justice, then the flag does not symbolize justice. It symbolizes force, inequality and racism. It’s a flag of conquest for white people, not of mercy or freedom for all.”

“Conquest for white people”? Perhaps he means the close to 300,000 “white people” who fought for the Union and died ending slavery. Maybe he is talking about the American “white people” who fought Hitler, liberated entire nations, and saved the lives of those slated for execution by the German murder machine. No? Then Mr. Berlatsky, who may be “white” himself, and thus implicitly took part in the supposed “conquest,” may want to check his own guilt before casting it about on others.

He continued his anti-American flag tirade: “Brees wants his interpretation of the flag honored; everyone, he insists, should put their hands on their hearts before the flag to show ‘that we are all in this together.’ But some people, like Douglass, or Floyd, or Kaepernick — banned from Brees’ league for his protest — are not equals in America. Brees will not stand in solidarity with them unless they first respect his symbols. You have to say the nation is righteous before the nation will consider whether to stop murdering you.”

Berlatsky should check his statistics and ascertain who is murdering whom? By the latest data, a white person is much more likely (by over 15 times) to be killed by police officers than a black person. But stats don’t matter to him. His hatred for this nation trumps any data in existence.

He concluded his ahistorical mental breakdown: “There is no unity and solidarity centered on the flag, because the flag, and the nation, don’t have any virtue… [Kaepernick] asked his country to think about its own symbols, rather than blindly worshipping them. Brees, and white Americans in general, have not risen to this challenge. This nation must care more about its soul than its symbols. It’s better to burn a flag than a person.”

This nation has no virtue? Then why does Berlatsky reside here? Wouldn’t he be much happier in a paradise like Cuba or North Korea? “White Americans” again. Berlatsky is so masochistically obsessed with the faults of what is likely his own heritage that his bitterness and shame over his ancestry make him unhinged when it comes to any question concerning race. And per his last line? Take a gander on the streets of America right now: Just who is doing the burning of innocent people? Despite his own words, the people who think just like Berlatsky.