Jon Stewart admits Biden was ‘not my guy:’ Adds he’s right person to lead an America that is in ‘terrible anguish’

Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart offered a bit of a backhanded endorsement of Joe Biden on Wednesday night, saying Biden’s “not my guy” while also making sure to add that he sees him as the right person to lead America right now.

“Biden was not my guy. Wasn’t even in the top four, I was more of a Sanders-Warren,” Stewart told late night television host Stephen Colbert.

“Not my guy, but having watched him on your show, and having spoken to him at other times, and seen him in other situations,” he added. “I’m not crazy about the Uncle Joe character… The Uncle Joe, ‘I took down Corn Pop, hey how you doing?’ The touchy feely, I don’t like that shtick. All that kind of stuff feels shticky to me but I feel like that’s not the core of who that guy really is.”

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After pointing out many of Biden’s faults, Stewart pivoted to trying to pitch why he should be president. “We are a country in terrible anguish right now. We are in pain, American exceptionalism…the blindfold is off and we’re kind of seeing ourselves as who we really are, that American exceptionalism is not like a title that you wear like you were Miss America in 1937 and you’ll always be Miss America. It takes effort and work to maintain,” Stewart said. “It takes effort and work to maintain…it will erode and you will lose it. We are seeing that erosion.”

He went on to say that Americans are “fearful, angry” and “in pain,” ignoring the fact that much of these feelings are stirred up by the anti-Trump leftist media. “When I see Biden past the shtick, I see a guy who knows what loss is. Who knows grief. And I think that kind of grief humbles you,” Stewart said. “There is a humility to the randomness of tragedy that brings about a caring that can’t be faked. And it can’t be contrived. What I think in this moment, what this country needs is a leader of humility.”

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Stewart concluded his rant by claiming that Biden is the “man of the moment” to defeat President Donald Trump, a strange statement given the fact that he had just rattled off everything wrong with the Democrat moments before. “Trump doesn’t have that gear. He just doesn’t. He’s still in the mindset that like, COVID was created to stop him from a second term,” Stewart said. “I’m not just making the negative case for Biden, It’s not just, ‘Well, we gotta get rid of that f——g guy,’ I actually believe something in his life experience can benefit this country in a moment that desperately needs it.”

This just goes to show that liberal sheep like Stewart will back literally anyone who they think has a chance of beating Trump, even someone they know is a terrible candidate.

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