Over the past few days, violent riots have broken out all over the United States to protest the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week. Since then, businesses have been burned to the ground and fights have been breaking out left and right, yet the radically leftwing Hollywood star Jane Fonda is claiming that the “vast majority” of people who are protesting right now are “non-violent.”

“I think it’s important for us to recognize that the media cameras may be focused on the breaking of windows and the burnings and the fires, but the vast majority of people at least in the cities where I talked to people and from what I have seen on tv, it’s non-violent,” Fonda told CNN host Don Lemon on Sunday.

Fonda, who has long been infamous for participating in crazed protests dating back to the Vietnam War, went on to claim that the riots are made up of people from all different demographics, including the disabled and those walking their dogs.

“These are people who are white. They are Latino. They are old. They are young. They are in wheelchairs, they have children with them. They have dogs with them,” the 82-year-old explained. “And it’s organized. Black Lives Matter, color of change, they don’t want violence. I don’t know who the people are that are doing the violence, but I think what matters is that more and more white people are getting it.”

Of course, Fonda offered no evidence to back up these assertions because she was lying through her teeth. In reality, many of the riots are being carried out by Black Lives Matter, Antifa, anarchists, and opportunistic criminals who have been using Floyd’s death as an excuse to incite violence and chaos everywhere.

The fact that liberals like Fonda and the mainstream media are glorifying these riots by falsely claiming that they are non-violent is truly despicable and downright dangerous. This madness has gone way too far, and it needs to end immediately.