Politicians, protesters, and the media keep trying to distinguish between the actions of the peaceful protesters and those of the violent rioters and domestic terrorists. And there is a difference. But, especially after days and days of extraordinary violence and destruction, don’t we have to ask if the peaceful protesters have any responsibility to their communities to help stop the destruction?

People keep saying that violent agitators are coming in from out of town or out of state. They say they hijack the peaceful protests and turn them violent. At this point, don’t we have to wonder why the peaceful protesters continue to give violent outsiders a platform from which to launch their violence?

Without the “majority peaceful protesters” the media keeps telling us about, the “small minority” troublemakers wouldn’t be able to commit nearly as much damage or any damage at all. The radicals would then be much more manageable for the police.

So, people certainly have the right to protest—peacefully. But why would they continue to abet the destruction of their own cities? For example, why are the peaceful protesters protesting after dark? After dark is when the forces of evil lurk and can/do commit more vandalism and mayhem while it’s more difficult for police to arrest them.

Is it because the peaceful protesters agree with the violent agitators —if not with their methods— with their anti-police ideologies? Consider that the rioters and domestic terrorists as well as many, if not most, of the peaceful protesters believe the myth that cops are engaged in methodically, illegally killing black people, despite a mountain of solid evidence to the contrary.

Could this be why peaceful protesters continue to provide cover for violent radicals? It seems as plausible as any explanation I can think of. It’s too easy to say… “well, most of the protesters are peaceful.” Maybe that’s true, but it doesn’t take many violent miscreants to wreak an awful lot of havoc, especially when they can blend into a willing crowd. How do I know they are willing? Because they are not leaving when ordered to disperse by police once the violence begins. Sorry, folks. Police don’t have the luxury of determining who’s peaceful and who’s violent in a riot. The situation is far too dynamic and fluid for that. If you remain after the police have given orders to disperse, you are a part of the riot (look it up).

Perhaps the peaceful protesters should consider the unintended consequences of exercising their rights under such circumstances. Surely, their point has been made, since 99.999 percent of Americans, including the cops, believe George Floyd’s killing was an act of evil. Or is this simply a matter of selfishness? Are they going to cry and stomp their feet until someone pays attention to them? Well, how about the poor folks getting beaten and their life’s work being destroyed, while other people are being killed? How about the peaceful protesters pay a little attention to their neighbors for a change?