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Hillary aide calls to ‘defund the police’ — Los Angeles slashing LAPD budget by $250 million

It is a war by the Left on our police officers.

If the situation on the streets of America for our police officers wasn’t bad enough already, many members of the liberal establishment are literally calling for police departments to be defunded, that is, put out of business. Because if the police have no funds with which to operate, how are they supposed to do their jobs? Who pays for operations, salaries, and equipment?

The liberals know what the consequences of that move would be: their Antifa pals would rule the streets. It sounds like some people have been watching too much of 1979’s “The Warriors” and taking it as a policy initiative. A salvo in this campaign was fired on Thursday by former Hillary Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon, who undoubtedly ran it by his former boss.

The Trump administration and GOP senators did not let Hillary/Fallon’s plea go unnoticed. White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farrah caustically called Fallon’s tweet “brave.”

“How brave! This, coming from Hillary Clinton’s former Spox who rode around in motorcades with her with Police escorts to keep them safe,” she said.

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Ted Cruz chimed in: “Hillary Clinton press secretary makes the 2020 Dem agenda clear: ‘Defund the police.’ Take away your guns. Cheer on the rioters & looters who burn your city. It’s like Mad Max at Thunderdome, brought home to America.” Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) asked a very good question.

But there were sane Democrat voices too. “No, I don’t believe that we should defund police departments,” said Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Rep. Karen Bass. But she is drowned out by her allies. At any rate, GOP senators did not let up. “Wealthy liberals like Hillary Clinton’s former press assistant have no problem calling to defund the police—they can live in gated communities and hire security guards,” said Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR).

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday that he will direct his city to “identify $250 million in cuts” to the police department and reallocate those funds for “communities of color.” Apparently he took Mr. Fallon at his word. When the streets of Los Angeles are burning and private citizens take to arming themselves and defending their businesses and property, the mayor proposes this bribe to looters, arsonists, and terrorists. If more killing comes in Los Angeles, as the mayor’s words will be taken to heart by those rioters who have already murdered, the blood will be on Mayor Garcetti’s hands.

“It’s time to move our rhetoric toward action to end racism in our city. Prejudice can never be part of police work… It takes bravery to save lives, too,” said the mayor. Well, an unarmed and understaffed police department will have to be brave indeed to take on the forces of the night—outnumbered and with their bare hands. However, rioting groups were not satisfied with the mayor’s craven surrender to urban terrorists.

Melina Abdullah, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, said the city needs to further defund police and that city residents “need to know that we’re fighting for truly transformative change here and won’t be bought off with just this minimal amount of money.”

She is right about “transformative change.” She and her allies, the Eric Garcettis and Hillary Clintons and Brian Fallons of this nation, want to transform this country into a lawless terrain ripe for socialist takeover. Defunding police departments is their way of getting their dangerous and treasonous plans started.

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