In an op-ed published in The Hill on Monday, Fox News contributor Juan Williams claimed that President Donald Trump is responsible for current renewed racial tensions around the country following two separate shooting deaths, each involving a black man, stemming from encounters with white police officers.

In the piece, Williams placed the blame squarely on President Trump. “The hellish road to the racial turmoil of the last few weeks began the day Donald Trump was elected president,” Williams began, noting that he “predicted” a year earlier in his book, “What the Hell Do You Have to Lose? — Trump’s War on Civil Rights,” that there would be such events.

“‘When African Americans protest repeated cases of young black men killed by police,’ I wrote, ‘President Trump sees only valiant police protecting white America against a race of people with high rates of criminal activity. He is oblivious to black people as fellow Americans suffering injustice,’” Williams noted in his column. He noted since that time, the president has allegedly “dedicated himself to reversing civil rights progress” while “denigrating people standing up for equal rights,” without providing examples or elaborating on which civil rights are now being denied minorities by order of the president.

Williams then claimed that, “according to the FBI” […] “hate crime attacks” have gone up “against blacks, Jews, Latinos and immigrants,” though he provided no evidence tying the spikes to the president. Williams goes on to write, “Some people say Trump is appealing to his base. But keep in mind that Trump now stands apart from the 68 percent of white Americans, in a Washington Post poll last week, who say Floyd’s killing is not an isolated event but part of a broad problem with how police treat black people.”

The Washington Post’s polling is suspect at best, given that the paper endorsed the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 while describing Trump as “dreadful.” And who can forget how consistently wrong the Post’s polling predictions turned out leading up to the last election?

Many viewers of Fox News have grown increasingly critical of contributors like Williams and Donna Brazile, the latter being the former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee who resigned from CNN after it was discovered she tipped Hillary Clinton off about 2016 debate questions. President Trump has also voiced his dissatisfaction with Williams and the network in recent months. In a tweet last year, the president wrote, “Juan Williams @FoxNews is so pathetic, and yet when he met me in the Fox Building lobby, he couldn’t have been nicer as he asked me to take a picture of him and me for his family. Yet he is always nasty and wrong!”