The FBI is “looking carefully” at evidence indicating the Chinese are using the violent nationwide riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death to destabilize America, FBI Director Christopher Wray told Fox News‘ Bret Baier on Wednesday night.

The riots have recently expanded from targeting just Confederate or perceived racist monuments to solely historical and religious icons as well.

Wray revealed that “the FBI has over 2,000 active investigations that trace back to the government in China,” marking “about a 1,300 percent increase in terms of economic espionage investigations with the Chinese nexus from about a decade ago.”

As the Chinese likely have Joe Biden compromised over business dealings, this is a grave development for American national security.

“We have certainly seen in the past a variety of foreign adversaries looking to amplify controversy in this country,” Wray said.

“And they use state media. They use social media. Some of that is through propaganda, some of that’s through disinformation, some of that’s through just fake information. And we are looking carefully at the prospect of foreign influence or foreign interference in all of the protests and activities that have occurred over the last few weeks.”

Wray commented on the riots themselves: “Look, equal justice is essential, but violence and destruction of federal property is not the way to get there. And if there are appropriate bases for federal investigations, we’ll pursue them.”

China, Wray said, is “pursuing a campaign of intellectual property theft, economic espionage, cyber-intrusions that target businesses—big and small—all across the country and our academic research institutions…” and employs “what we sometimes call non-traditional collectors which can be businessmen, high-level scientists, high-level academics—people like that.”

The Chinese also “have an interest in influencing our political thought—our policies—to try and shift them in a more friendly, pro-China, pro-Chinese Communist Party direction;  and so sometimes that gets wrapped up in election issues,” Wray added.

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FBI Director Wray has also been accused of withholding evidence in the Flynn case. Show host Bret Baier brought it up.

“Decisions about producing documents in a criminal prosecution are typically handled by the prosecutors,” said Wray.

“I will say that, of course, the Flynn investigation, which took place before I started and then by the time I started was in the hands of the Special Counsel’s Office, is something that has, in my view, raised serious concerns and questions. Which is why I ordered an after-action review by our inspection division, to take a look at whether or not the FBI’s policies and procedures need to be changed and if there are any current employees left who may bear any responsibility for this conduct.”

That was pure spin.

Baier then asked directly: “Congress says they’ve had a tough time getting documents and things from you. Senator Grassley in particular about the Michael Flynn calls. Were you responsible for holding back from Congress some of that stuff?”

Wray again dodged the question, “I think we’ve tried very, very hard to be transparent and cooperative with all the relevant congressional committees,” Wray said. “We produced all sorts of information and tried to really lean forward.” 

Director Wray’s disingenuous answers do not inspire confidence in his integrity.