Democrats need another coronavirus outbreak to win November election

They want the public scared and nervous.

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Democrats running for office at all levels across the nation likely feel they have politically benefited from the outbreak of the coronavirus. The subsequent regulations on social distancing and business closures gave Democrat elected officials more power over individual lives and business operations than they have ever had. Combine that with the seeming ability to blame President Donald Trump for the economic consequences of the virus and it only stands to reason that the party hopes for another outbreak to rescue their hopes for a November victory.

The Democratic Party was not too happy about the good economic news on jobs announced by the White House last Friday. The reduction of the unemployment rate touted by President Trump can only improve the president’s chances for reelection. Democrats know this and also know that another outbreak of coronavirus could see strict virus regulations, business closures, and social distancing reemployed in states that have begun to lessen those restrictions. The likely effect would be a spike in unemployment numbers as businesses again lay off people due to lack of customers because of the virus restrictions. The resultant voter anger at the decreased employment numbers would not help the president.

This publication has recently covered three separate instances where Democrats could politically benefit from injury to the nation. In rioting and street violence over racial discord, in economic terms, and now in public health terms the country must suffer for the Democrats to gain national office. The very nature of the proposition leads to the question: Why would an intelligent nation vote for a political party that can only gain power by taking advantage of that nation’s misfortune?

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The answer to that question is several-fold. There are those in the leadership of the Democratic Party who have a profound dislike for what many Americans see as the traditional culture and political mores of the United States. One only has to recall Barack Obama’s words about those who “cling to Bibles and guns,” Hillary Clinton’s terming Trump supporters “deplorable,” and the recent talk of “transformational change” of the country to understand that it is not just mere reform or improvement the Democrats desire, but a wholesale difference in the way America thinks and operates.

From their own perspective the Democrats want to see what they think is the institutional racism ingrained in the system, the widespread police brutality especially against minorities, the inherent economic inequalities in the free market system, and the aggressive, exploitative, and imperialistic U.S. national security policy of this nation changed to a more collectivist, race-based, and tamer America.

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Thus the voters will have stark contrasts to choose between in November. This has happened before. In 1972, 1980, 2000, and 2016 American voters also had a similar decision to make between a traditional America and a new course predicated on progressive ideology. In those elections America chose tradition. It may again do so this November.

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