Another murder in Seattle’s infamous ‘The CHOP’

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Okay, show of hands: Who is surprised that there was another shooting in Durkanistan, otherwise known as The CHOP? Durkanistan is the hallowed motherland of Mayor Jenny Durkan, Seattle’s “Iron Lady.”

Right, all of you cops, conservatives, and libertarians can put your hands down. In fact, why don’t you take those hands and give each other a pat on the back for your prescience. Actually, I’m not sure what we’d be congratulating ourselves for because the violence was so utterly predictable.

I see the Iron Lady has been busy lobbing moron grenades into the discussion in a laughable attempt to distract from her deadly decision making. According to Mayor Durkan the shootings and killings only happen at night, but it’s a mostly peaceful “summer of love” during the day. She’s also claimed “white supremacists” are committing the violence. That seems ludicrous, but let’s say that was the case. What the (insert the invective of your choice) does the race or ideology of the shooters matter?

What if this most recent shooting involved white supremacists? So what? The CHOP has remained a magnet for violence since its birth, with the Iron Lady as midwife. Frankly, I don’t care which whacko group is doing the violence, including the shooting and killing. I care that the Durkanistani revolutionaries refuse to stop it, and no city leaders I know of are taking a public stand against the violence. Rather, many city “leaders” are actually supporting and facilitating the anarchy and insurrection—because they think it hurts President Trump.

Other than the Iron Lady, the most recent public official we’ve heard from was Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, a man of little substance. The pretend prosecutor not only said he will not prosecute rioters but also added this gem: he will send the rioters to “counseling…” Wait for it…in The CHOP.

I am getting punch drunk, hit in the face daily with political leader stupidity. It’s good Holmes doesn’t handle felonies. However, his King County counterpart, who does handle felonies, the political chameleon, Dan Satterberg, isn’t any better.

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The Iron Lady finally put her foot down after the last murder (not this most recent last murder, but the last murder before this one, which occurred after the first murder that happened before the second one—when she said she would clear out The CHOP). The streets trembled with fear of the Iron Lady’s awesome wrath.

But who knew there would be such massive defiance and resistance to her valiant efforts? I mean, who could blame her for not going through with her threat. Especially, when a horde of three Durkanistanis lay (or fell) down in the street to block the heavy equipment operators attempting to remove concrete barriers.

Who knew the resistance would be so formidable? Oh, I know. Someone, maybe the Iron Lady, should have called the police. Oh, wait. It was Lady Durkan who helped create this “no-cop zone.” Well, then, couldn’t she have dispatched a mental health professional or social worker to respond, so they could have used those magic words and special tactics they must have to talk those guys out of the street? That’s the idea with abolishing—sorry, “reimagining”—the cops, right? Replacing them with social workers.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best gave a statement about this and other shootings to the press on Monday. According to The Seattle Times, she said, “enough is enough.” And the Durkanistanis, obviously struck to the bone with fear, made a mad dash out of The CHOP. If only someone had said enough is enough sooner. No…that didn’t happen. They’re still there.

But, when reading coverage of the rest of the press briefing, the police chief said nothing of consequence. Enough is enough is usually followed up with action or at least the threat of action. Nothing is still happening. Maybe something is happening behind the scenes, but it doesn’t seem so. I truly hope I’m wrong.

In her comments, Chief Best laments the killing of two African American males, doubts the motives that “black lives matter” to the BLM occupiers, says, “we [police] need to be able to get back into the area,” and declares, “This is dangerous and unacceptable.” And…?

It was dangerous and unacceptable from the moment the occupation began. Nothing has changed except, perhaps, that it has gotten even more dangerous and more unacceptable. What does it do to a community’s confidence in its leaders when city officials state the obvious, then fail to do what is obviously necessary—for three weeks and counting? I’m sensing a strongly worded letter may be next.

When I watch these city leaders, for some reason it brings to mind when I was in the police academy some 28 years ago. An instructor was telling us about what it would be like for student officers responding to their first 911 emergency calls. He told us field training officers (FTO) often reported their student officers, upon arriving at a hectic scene, look at their FTOs as if to say, “Somebody should call the police.” You know…that’s not a bad idea.

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Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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