The latest #Resistance marching order is to disparage the drug hydroxychloroquine simply because President Donald Trump has stated that it appears to be a promising treatment against the more severe impacts of COVID-19. In a recent radio interview, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) reluctantly admitted her husband went from developing COVID-related pneumonia and coughing up blood to “one day, he just got better,” revealing he was treated with hydroxychloroquine.

During an April 7 interview with Michael Smerconish on SiriusXM, Senator Klobuchar was questioned about the debate surrounding hydroxychloroquine since her husband’s illness. When asked if her husband’s own experience with the medication when he had COVID-19 influenced her thought process relative to the debate around hydroxychloroquine, Klobuchar responded, “I listen to the science there. I believe he did take that drug. I’d have to check with the doctor, of course I wasn’t there. We have to listen to the science and listen to the doctors what is going to work in each situation. Sometimes you might have other conditions that make it so you can’t take certain drugs. Sometimes your own condition with the virus wouldn’t demand it. I think people have to look at what works. I just believe in science, something this president has not been listening to.”

Any Democratic official admitting the medication works goes against their entire misguided effort to malign President Trump on the matter right now. When directly questioned about this, however, Amy Klobuchar couldn’t hide from the truth any longer. Despite her irrational hatred for President Trump, she was forced to admit that hydroxychloroquine actually saved her husband’s life when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. You can watch the video below:

Just think about this for a moment. Leftists and the mainstream media are so deranged and desperate to take the White House this election year, they’re mocking a drug that has proven to be highly effective for many people suffering from this virus—simply because President Trump praised it. That’s how irrational these loons are. Scary, isn’t it?

One can’t help but wonder how many of these same officials have taken or are taking hydroxychloroquine during this pandemic.