Hollywood star Robert De Niro had yet another meltdown against Donald Trump on Tuesday, outrageously claiming that the president is a “lunatic” who doesn’t care how many Americans die of COVID-19.

De Niro, who is infamous for anti-Trump rhetoric, described it as “Shakespearean” how members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force avoid contradicting the president.

“You’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around…it’s appalling,” De Niro told BBC Newsnight. “It’s scary because everybody’s sort of just nonplussed and stunned at what this guy is doing.”

He went on to praise New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, saying he’s “done a great job. He’s done what Trump should have done, but he doesn’t have a clue how to do that.” De Niro then claimed that Trump is only focused on the election and that “he doesn’t even care how many people die.”

When host Emily Maitlis pointed out that Trump supporters would disagree with De Niro, the actor replied, “The people he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for because he could care less about them. They might like to tell themselves that and delude themselves but he doesn’t care about them.”

This comes a week after De Niro nonsensically claimed our country would have dealt with coronavirus better if Trump was not in office. “We of course could have survived this much better if, uh, ‘idiot’ had done the right thing, and listened and heeded all the warnings,” the actor said during an interview with late night host Stephen Colbert. “There were many, many warnings. And we’re all paying for it now. It would have been bad in some ways but never like this. It’s appalling. It’s appalling.”

“It’s all about him getting re-elected,” De Niro added of Trump. “I have no words for it anymore. I’m completely nonplussed, dumbfounded, confounded.”

It’s truly pathetic that De Niro seems to accomplish something with his anti-Trump tirades. In reality, he’s not swaying any voters to join his fight against Trump, and is instead only exposing his own ignorance to the world.