Rep. Ilhan Omar, a member of the “Squad” and a radical socialist member of Congress, tweeted Thursday that action of the Department of Justice in dropping the case against General Michael Flynn displayed “white privilege at work.”

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General Flynn had a slightly different response.

The two images could not be more contrasting or more indicative of the two Americas we face today. On one hand, we have a racist who embraces the concepts of racial bigotry, anti-Semitism, and anti-American agitation. By lax immigration laws that took pity on those from war-ravaged third world merdeholes, she was allowed to enter this country to become a productive citizen.

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Omar took that largesse, added the hatreds of her homeland, mixed it with a particularly American liberal form of intolerance, and came up with a mixture so odious, so repugnant, that even members of her own noxious party vote against her on a regular basis.

Her views are indicative of every ivory tower college professor, every biased media member, every Democrat player, and every person who hates this nation and very specifically hates the people who for a large part of our history had the burden and privilege of making America great.

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On the other hand, we have a highly decorated American soldier. A man who loves his family, has sacrificed for his country, and recently has paid a great price for that loyalty to America. He was fired from his job at the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency by Barack Obama, a president who shared the goals and ideology of Rep. Omar.

Flynn later joined the Trump campaign and brought a real world sense of intel analysis to its ranks. Justifiably, Flynn was then made the National Security Adviser, only to be fired about a month after Trump’s inauguration. He was driven out of office by lying and unscrupulous DOJ and FBI officials who only had one goal in mind: Get Donald Trump.

To achieve that goal they would do anything including trying to suborn perjury from General Michael Flynn. When Flynn told them no, told them he would not lie to make their false case, they couldn’t believe one American would stand up to them. So they applied the screws. They prosecuted him to the point he had to sell his house to pay his legal bills. Those bills stand today at almost five million dollars.

Flynn would not give in. A biased judge sentenced him to prison. But still Flynn defied a corrupt federal legal system. Finally he had the luck and sense to hire a lawyer (as opposed to his first legal firm) who knew the ropes and knew a set up when she saw one. And Sidney Powell, who just became a top legal figure in the conservative community, probed and fought back until she exposed the dirty underside of the entire DOJ case.

Over the last couple of weeks, as the dominos fell against the case the president saw what was happening and rhetorically eased it along. The witch hunt fell apart so badly that just before the DOJ dropped the case their lead prosecutor quit the whole thing.

Such are the two Americas of 2020: one of Rep. Omar’s hatred for this nation, another of General Flynn revering it. One holds dear a racism peppered with liberal cliches; the other accepts people for their merit and can look past their color or ethnicity to the actual person. The two notions are in conflict. Only one will win and decide America’s future.