According to a Gallup poll, President Donald Trump is doing well with all voters, GOP voters and, most important, with independent swing voters.

Reports the New York Post, “ ‘94% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Thank you! ‘ ” the president posted on Twitter. ‘Also, just out, highest ever Approval Rating overall in the new Gallup Poll and shows Trump beating Sleepy Joe Biden’…Gallup’s survey of 1,016 adults, taken in the last two weeks of April, found Trump at 49 percent approval overall, matching his numbers in its March poll — the highest of Trump’s presidency… His numbers were buoyed by a 47 percent approval mark among independents, the highest he has ever achieved with this group.”

There’s the key: the independents. But four factors are apparent from the numbers in this poll. All mitigating toward good news for the president and the GOP. All bad news for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

One, the number with GOP voters is sky high, but also shows an erosion of anti-Trump sentiment within the GOP from around 12% to 6%. The president has cut his negatives in half with the never-Trumpers. That will be vital in November.

Two, these general approval numbers are the best of his time in office, are holding steady over the last month, and reflect close to the same or better numbers that past presidents who won reelection had at this time during their reelection campaigns.

Three, again, the independents. At 47% this is the highest number ever with this group. Trump only has to close a 4% gap between now and the fall to take a majority of this vital group and with them the keys to reelection.

And four, these numbers were taken in the midst of the biggest national crisis in modern American history. There are even legitimate reasons for voters to be upset about the economy and a seeming overreach on the national shutdown. But if they are angry they are not holding the president responsible at this point, or his numbers would have taken a nosedive.

If he can hold this support steady for several months and close the deal in November he can start planning his next inaugural.