On Wednesday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg tried to claim that Donald Trump was too afraid to let Dr. Anthony Fauci testify before the House of Representatives, but her cohost Meghan McCain was not having any of it.

Goldberg suggested that the only reason that Trump barred Fauci from testifying before the House was that he was afraid, asking McCain if she agreed with her. McCain completely disagreed, pointing out that the possibility of grandstanding and political theater from the Democrat-led House is reason enough to not allow Fauci to testify.

McCain then shifted to saying that it’s not Fauci that Congress should be looking for answers from.

“I’m the most interested in where China lied to us and got it wrong,” McCain said, going on to repeat the tagline, “China lied, people died.”

“We know that they suppressed information, we know that doctors who were trying to sound the alarm suddenly somehow went missing,” McCain continued. “And I don’t like — and I think we could all agree on this — I don’t like Anthony Fauci being used for any kind of political purposes one way or the other, because he is a scientist and he is a doctor and he is someone who is really leading this country through a difficult time.”

Goldberg then posed the same question to the radically liberal Joy Behar, who was quick to disagree with McCain and throw Trump under the bus. She proudly claimed that Trump is a “malignant narcissist” and a “coward,” nonsensically adding that the president would not let Fauci testify before the House because he is afraid of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Once again, McCain is the voice of reason on this ridiculously liberal panel. Allowing Fauci to testify before the House would just give Democrats the chance to use him as a tool for their deranged anti-Trump antics. We need to bring the focus off Dr. Fauci, and back onto China where it belongs. The American people deserve answers as to how this pandemic started, and the only way we are going to get those are by going after China.