Professor Neil Ferguson – the man who is essentially the architect of the model for the worldwide lockdowns – just resigned from his UK government post after his married lover was busted sneaking out of quarantine to visit him in his home.

The Daily Mail reports the shamed 51 year-old scientist, whose models projected U.S. deaths would reach 2.2 million without strict lockdown measures, asked his married mistress Antonia Staats, 38, to breach lockdown at least twice for the purposes of traveling to his London home. These rendezvous occurred during the same time period in which he was lecturing millions worldwide on the urgent need for them to stay in their homes to stop the spread of the killer virus.

Ferguson was branded by many today as an “arrogant hypocrite” for undermining the government’s position on social distancing. The very rules he helped shape, he willfully breached for the purpose of carrying out secret trysts with his married lover. In a statement today to CNN, Ferguson penned, “I deeply regret any undermining of the clear messages around the continued need for social distancing to control this devastating epidemic.”

I am sure the esteemed professor deeply regrets getting caught. I’ll give him that much.

This entire coronavirus crisis has been a study of “for me, but not for thee.” Throughout the crisis, global elites have been dictating to us what we “must” do – much of which is centered around forcing us to stay home. Simultaneously, many of these same elites have elected to go on about their usual business in complete contradiction to the very disquisitions they prescribe to the masses.

While Michelle Obama told us to stay home, Obama was duffing around the golf course. As Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot was threatening to arrest citizens for violating lockdown rules, she chose to have her hair done by a salon stylist. A Texas mayor, who locked her citizens down, subsequently went to a nail salon to get her nails done. In another Texas town, salon owner Shelley Luther refused to close down her salon – and on Tuesday was ordered by a judge to spend 7 days in jail in addition to paying a hefty fine.

These stories have been commonplace during the coronavirus chaos and just serve to show how we, the peasants, are mere pawns in this illegitimate power grab.

The global elites really do think they’re better than us.  They’re riding high and mighty, collecting their paychecks and visiting their mistresses, as they lecture to us from their golden pedestals. Meanwhile, small business owners are watching what they’ve toiled and sacrificed for years to build crumble, as they and others deemed “non-essential” wonder how they’ll feed their families tonight.