Bernie Marcus, a billionaire who co-founded Home Depot, just spoke out to blast the media for unnecessarily scaring Americans about the COVID-19 pandemic.

During an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Monday night, Marcus blamed the media for causing panic and division amidst coronavirus. “[The media have done a] wonderful job in frightening America,” he said, adding that the U.S. would have been better off if we’d focused on taking care of the at-risk elderly, rather than on shutting everything down.

“My age bracket is really the problem,” said Marcus, 91. “If we take care of my age bracket, that is 70 or above, I think that we can end a lot of the problems out there. People that are 70 or above have to be so careful because you are compromised in so many different ways. But we’re only a small portion of the population, and we’re closing down everybody in addition to the schools kids.”

He went on to applaud states like Florida and Georgia for launching ambitious reopening measures in the hopes off jumpstarting the economy.

“What [those states] did is a perfect example of thinking and understanding that people need to get out of the house, needed to start their businesses again, needed to go to work again,” he explained. “But there are bureaucrats all over the country in the blue states that are still closed, and God knows when they’ll open.”

“Those people [in some blue states], they are still struggling and it is a desperate time for many of them,” Marcus concluded.

Marcus hits the nail on the head here. Ever since the virus began, the mainstream media has been gleefully trying to use it to both take down President Donald Trump and to obtain more ratings for themselves. The media has proven once and for all throughout this crisis that they cannot be trusted, and that they care more about filling their own pockets than they ever did about America as a whole.