Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tried to humiliate President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner on Wednesday, and it didn’t take long for this move to blow up in her face.

Clinton found herself being accused of mischaracterizing comments that Kushner made about the date of the election in November. “I can’t believe I have to write this sentence, but the president’s son-in-law doesn’t get to decide when the election is,” Clinton wrote in a tweet alongside a link to a New York Times story about Kushner.

White House adviser Avi Berkowitz, a colleague of Kushner’s, immediately fired back at Clinton by letting her know that she was spreading fake news. “He literally said: ‘It’s not my decision to make,'” Berkowitz said, according to Fox News.

When asked by Time magazine if there was a chance the presidential election would be delayed from November 3, Kushner did indeed reply that it wasn’t his decision. “I’m not sure I can commit one way or the other, but right now that’s the plan,” Kushner said. “Hopefully by the time we get to September, October, November, we’ve done enough work with testing and with all the different things we’re trying to do to prevent a future outbreak of the magnitude that would make us shut down again.”

This didn’t stop liberals and never-Trump Republicans from trying to twist Kushner’s words. “Kushner’s statement reveals amazing ignorance of the Constitution and law,” Trump-hating Republican Bill Kristol wrote on Twitter. “It reveals startling arrogance in taking for granted he gets to have some say about when the election is held. It also reveals an utter lack of understanding of his very subordinate role in our democracy.”

Kushner later spoke out to double-down on clarifying his remarks, saying, “I have not been involved in, nor am I aware of, any discussions about trying to change the date of the presidential election.”

Clinton has clearly never gotten over losing to Trump in 2016, as she can’t seem to go a day without bashing the president or his family in some way. It’s time for Clinton to save herself any further embarrassment, and to move on with her life. Her behavior is just sad at this point, and it’s not a good look for her!