Fake WaPo conservative Jennifer Rubin gets it wrong, again

This is really getting to be a habit, Jennifer.

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Jennifer Rubin, one of the pundits who falsely calls herself a conservative and thus gives papers like The Washington Post the ability to say they are balanced while at the same time attacking all things Trump and conservative, is at it again, saying, “the walls are closing in on Donald Trump.”

The problem is, she’s been saying this for years. Just how many walls are there and just when are they going to make the move? Russian collusion? No wall. Mueller probe? Not a wall. Impeachment? Wall is sitting, having a cigarette. Fox News picks up the story.

Fox: “Rubin, an MSNBC contributor who describes herself as a ‘conservative opinion writer,’ has become a celebrity among liberal circles in recent years for expressing her disdain for the sitting Republican president. In her latest column, she celebrated the decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals in the 4th Circuit to revive an emoluments lawsuit against the Trump Organization for allowing foreign governments to conduct business with Trump’s hotels.”

Rubin wrote: “The walls are closing in on Trump’s lawless presidency. The only question is whether the voters will remove him before he is forced to unveil his finances, which he has strenuously attempted to conceal from voters. One can only imagine what secrets are so damaging that Trump is compelled to litigate up and down the federal courts.”

Then in October of 2019, Rubin stated in a headline that the “impeachment walls are closing in” after a fluke poll showed voter approval for Trump’s impeachment. Guess what? The hoax resulted in a Senate acquittal in February. The Wall was said to be miffed and went to Barbados to get over it.

Going back farther, in May 2017, The Washington Post scribe again went to the well with, “The walls are closing in on the scandal-plagued president” after Trump wonderfully fired FBI Director James Comey. His proper action sparked an outcry from wuss RINOs like Justin Amash, Jeff Flake, and John Kasich. But sadly, the Wall just sat there and played Candy Crush on its phone.

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“The walls are closing in. For real this time,” said The Daily Caller‘s Logan Hall repeating her hilariously tedious claim. “Jennifer Rubin, among other liberal pundits, has been trying to speak the ‘walls are closing in on Trump’ line into existence for years.”

“Those are the slowest moving walls in history. Rubin types have been saying this for 3 years,” Twitter user Ken Meyer wrote. How dare Meyer criticize the Wall! The poor Wall may now need therapy and could have to see someone at the Home Depot Mental Health Department/Sprocket Bin to recover from the slight aimed at its ambulatory speed. Which may prove problematic for the Wall, as the DIY shrink’s office is right next to that one thing you can never find at Home Depot.

Other notable Rubin wall predictions have been “Berlin Wall is here to stay” (1989), “A walled-eyed bass will be elected president” (1992), and “The Great Wall of China will never be built” (7th century BC). The Wall itself was last seen having a quarter pounder with the president and remarking favorably on the White House decor.

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