Constitutionalists combating tyranny: officers of the court and cops implore doing the right thing despite pandemic

We the People, those patriotic and proud self-explanatory words denoting the foundational principles of our beloved United States, ought to never have one iota of anyone—government official or otherwise.

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We the People, those patriotic and proud self-explanatory words denoting the foundational principles of our beloved United States, ought to never have one iota of reduction…by anyone—government official or otherwise. Yet this pandemic we all endure has clouded the judgments of some knee-jerk politicians, a few law enforcement figureheads, and even some simply plain jerks who cast tyrannical nets across the people, essentially sacrificing the sacred scroll in the name of I said so!

Taking a stand against tyrannical city, county and state government circumventing any citizen’s rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is a law firm offering free legal representation to any Pennsylvanian finding themselves suffocated by stay-at-home orders imposed by elected officials. Specifically, any Pennsylvania citizen who may have been at the April 2020 protest against Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Tom Wolf’s oppressive orders would fall under the legal wing of this firm’s attorneys who are readied to combat against tyrannical rule by representing anyone who was “detained or arrested during the peaceful protest in Harrisburg.”

Considering that some government officials may also be under the thumbs of higher-office politicians, these officers of the court armed with constitutional enforcement skills have since extended their hands further, saying, “Weeks ago, the attorneys and staff […] made a stand with the constitution when we offered to represent for free any peaceful participant in the ReOpen PA protest.

“We now double down on our commitment. We offer to represent for free any elected official (such as township commissioners or the like, county commissioners, District Attorneys, US Congressmen, US Senators, PA Representatives and PA Senators) and their staffs and/or any law enforcement officers who are threatened with or actually received criminal charges for peacefully opening up their community or attempting to open up their community to yellow conditions despite Governor Wolf’s order to the contrary.”

Recently, we have seen some small-business owners jailed for taking the necessary steps to reopen their respective businesses so that feeding families and paying fundamental bills can be successfully accomplished—the core abilities to have fulfilled life via liberty while in pursuit of happiness. Sadly, some oath-takers take away those constitutional tenets. And these are among the dark lot upon which we seek to cast light.

Despite a district court judge in Texas jailing a hair salon owner whose children were close to bottom-of-the-barrel sustenance, Republican Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Supreme Court recognized the ridiculousness of jailing a well-intentioned mom whose rights to conduct commerce were impeded by a judge who opted instead to enforce a stay-at-home order. This, while rightly-convicted inmates prance out of prison with pandemic-based pardons. The word counterintuitive comes to mind.

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The heavy-handed unmistakably controlling authoritarianism of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer also evokes vexation; too bad for Michiganders the lawyers of the Pennsylvania firm are not licensed by the American Bar Association to practice in their state.

I suspect as the days and weeks go by, we will see more of this kind of recognition and noble positioning by patriots of all sorts standing with Americans seeking redress for matters which the Constitution unambiguously cites, despite the ostensible yet inexcusable actions of some government officials who vowed to keep the principled document sacred at all costs. They swore. Some failed in giving their word.

As a retired law enforcement officer, it compels a hard swallow when witnessing rights negated as if they were mere brown paper bags flattened on an urban street corner, nary a thought to buffing the scene. One who somehow seems fortuitously availed to irony, our subject matter here was supported by a YouTube video which popped up (algorithms maybe, but I was simply surfing) portraying an on-duty cop sitting in his patrol car recording his heartfelt convictions about citizens’ rights being wrinkled or outright quashed, specifically by brother/sister law enforcement officials and politicians who issue marching orders.

This particular policeman denotes those cops who unconstitutionally enforce the whims of elected officials, police officers who feebly claim they are “just following orders,” contrary to the evidenced ability to think for themselves. Although it is undoubtedly easier said than done, this cop’s sincerity entails the reality of potentially getting terminated for disobeying a subordinate’s unconstitutional orders. After all, isn’t the purpose of swearing an oath meant to fulfill its extraordinary principles no matter the context?

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Stephen Owsinski is a LifeZette contributing editor. Owsinski is a retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit. He is also a columnist for the National Police Association.

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