Brooke Shields, 55, leaves fans speechless as she reveals her secret to feeling youthful in a bikini

Shields has been going above and beyond to stay fit, and she's been showing off her efforts on social media ...

Brooke Shields may have just turned 55, but she has a body that women decades younger would kill for. Now, she’s opening up about how she’s managed to age so well, and it turns out her secret is keeping things simple.

“I’m constantly trying to find new things that I love, but I’ve also stopped looking for the miracles,” Shields told Fox News. “My routine is very simple – keep your face clean and moisturized. I’m not good with six or seven steps with serums, layers, or anything else I need to add on top. I don’t have that kind of time. But I do keep my face clean at all times and stick with products that are lanolin and petroleum-free.”

“I know ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are totally different, but I try to keep my skincare routine as healthy as I can,” Shields continued. “I’m not putting harsh chemicals on my face.”

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This comes after Shields broke the internet by posting a photo of herself showing off her enviable figure in a bikini on social media.

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Shields admitted that she wasn’t always so confidant in posing in a bikini in this way, but she’s not shy about showing off the body she’s worked so hard for now.

“Thank God you can do everything online now,” she said with a laugh. “But lighting has so much to do with it, too. Self-tanner helps. Getting a little color on your body, even if you’re hanging out in your backyard, is good too. Those are little things that help you prepare when it comes time to try on swimsuits. It helps you really see how it would look like if you were to wear it out. And I think it’s helpful to try on different sizes. Order a variety of sizes, even if you think it’s one that you think wouldn’t work for you.”

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Shields added that the way she has worn swimsuits has changed over the years.

“I used to wear full coverage bathing suits because I thought those were safe,” she explained. “But one day, my daughters came up to me and said, ‘It makes you look bigger.’ I was like, ‘How is that even possible?’ But after trying on different styles, I’ve learned that there are certain cuts, certain pieces that will work with your silhouette. But you won’t know that unless you get out of your comfort zone and try different looks out. I don’t want to feel so-so. I want to feel really good. That means highlighting the things you really love about yourself and being kind to the areas you’re not so fond of.

“Try different looks on and be really honest with yourself,” Shields added. “And just remember – nobody has the perfect anything. Yes, there are a very few select bodies out there that seem to look perfect, but it’s really unfair for us to look at another body and go, ‘That’s ideal, that’s exactly who I need to be.’ It’s just not true. The more we start celebrating our bodies, no matter where we are in life, the most we will feel better about ourselves. I’m always about self-improvement. I don’t want to feel bad about myself. But I want to improve on being a better me, not a better anyone else.”

While in quarantine amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Shields has been going above and beyond to stay fit, and she’s been showing off her efforts on social media.

“I say I work out four times a week,” Shields recently explained. “And I do one day of rest or one day of yoga or just one day of walking. I try to vary it. You can lift things that are heavy, a dishrag can give an unbelievable hamstring workout. Even vacuuming the house nonstop can break a sweat. I think it’s all about committing to doing something, whether it’s an online yoga class, a Zoom session with a trainer — it becomes more of an opportunity than a chore.”

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