Biden campaign starts to pay a hard price for Sanders support

This is the first taste of a bitter cup of dregs for the supposed winner of the primaries.

Image Credit: YouTube screenshot, CNN

The Biden and the Sanders campaign have to come an agreement to let Sanders keep his delegates going into the Democratic National Convention in August. Usually, the loser would release delegates to the winner.

Biden caving on this proves he is going to pay a high price to keep Sanders and his people on board. But this first payment will be small beans compared to what the socialists and the hard left will ask of Biden at the convention itself and if he is elected.

The Biden effort said this in a memo: “While Senator Sanders is no longer actively seeking the nomination, the Biden campaign feels strongly that it is in the best interest of the party and the effort to defeat Donald Trump in November to come to an agreement regarding these issues that will ensure representation of Sanders supporters and delegate candidates, both on the floor and in committees.”

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Both campaigns put out a statement lauding the deal: “We must defeat Donald Trump this fall, and we believe that this agreement will help bring the party together to get Trump out of the White House and not only rebuild America, but transform it.”

The numbers stack up like this. Sanders has 952 convention delegates. Biden has 1,428. To make kissy face and look like one big happy, yet communist-leaning and psychologically dysfunctional family, Biden will give Sanders outsized influence in vital convention committees and procedures.

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Biden is praying that Sanders acolytes like AOC and Ilhan Omar don’t use the opportunity to make mischief and push the party further to the unelectable left. The specter of the Tara Reade charges hanging over the head of Biden could be the spark needed for the hard feminist Left to make an example of Joe Biden on national television even on the nights he wins and accepts the nomination.

This deal, this surrender to a beaten foe, may not be the road to electoral victory Biden thinks it is. It could be the first glance over a very steep cliff.

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