Anti-Trump groups and the PACs of Democrat national players are trying to stop the surging candidacy of pro-Trump GOP contender Claire Chase by donating large sums and running media for her anti-Trump primary opponent, Yvette Herrell. With a close race to be decided in a primary next Tuesday, Democrats and extremist progressives are doing all they can to ensure Herrell is the nominee, so they can easily beat her in the fall.

Patriot Majority, a PAC funded by Nancy Pelosi allies, Chuck Schumer’s super PAC, and pro-abortion groups spent $250,000 in the last 10 days of the Republican primary in New Mexico’s 2nd congressional district, attacking Claire Chase and supporting Yvette Herrell. On top of that, the leading feminist abortion rights group in the country, EMILY’s List, is spending nearly $25,000 supporting Yvette Herrell and opposing Chase.

The EMILY’s List mailers and Patriot Majority PAC ads falsely claim Claire Chase (a strong supporter of President Trump) opposes Trump. The dishonest spots also say Herrell —who recently bashed Trump and used taxpayer funds to attend a Never-Trumper conference in California (where a Trump pinata was hung so attendees could get a whack at the president)— is a strong supporter of Trump.

Democrats and progs are heavily invested in Herrell because they know she is unelectable in the general election. She somehow managed to lose a district the president carried by 10 points in the 2016 race. That makes her easy pickings for the Democrats in 2020. Herrell’s record, as opposed to Chase’s longtime conservative credentials, leave a lot to be desired in a GOP nominee.

She took a pledge not to raise taxes and then voted for massive tax hikes on New Mexico families. Even worse, records show Herrell has repeatedly failed to pay her own property taxes on time. That’s not something independent voters will embrace in the middle of a pandemic that is wreaking havoc on middle class pocketbooks—another reason the Democrats have clearly come to the conclusion that Yvette Herrell is the only candidate they have a chance of beating in November.

This is a small part of a larger Democrat tactic all over the nation. If Democrats posing as friends and fellow conservatives can intervene in GOP primaries, then they can choose who they want to face in the fall. It’s like letting an NFL team pick their own schedule. In 2019, everyone would have wanted to play the Bengals and the Lions.

Pro-Trump Republicans from a successful private sector background, like Chase, are being targeted by these Pelosi- and Schumer-sponsored groups because they pose a threat not only to a Democrat retention of a House majority, but because once in office they will bring a perspective and expertise to legislation that will be anathema to Never-Trumpers and Democrats alike.

The primary is close and Chase has good momentum. But the sad fact is voters have been fooled before by RINOs like Herrell masquerading as Republicans. Conservatives and Republicans who want to see a real Trump supporter and solid conservative as a candidate should support Claire Chase.