Hollywood star-turned-radical liberal activist Alyssa Milano made what is arguably her most outrageous claim about President Donald Trump yet on Thursday when she claimed that he is purposely trying to get people killed from coronavirus.

Milano made this bizarre claim after the release of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines on reopening the United States amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. “The covid-19 ‘guidelines’ that were released by the CDC/Trump administration can only mean one thing—he’s purposely trying to get people killed,” Milano tweeted.

The former “Charmed” actress tweeted this alongside the CDC’s six one-page “decision tool” documents that instructed organizations like offices, schools, and public transit on how to restart operations. Like many liberals, Milano is in no rush to see the country reopen because she is hoping that the economy will still be dead in November as a way to kill President Trump’s chances of reelection. This shows once and for all that Milano and her fellow Democrats would rather see America fail than see President Trump succeed.

Milano is not the only Hollywood star who is claiming that Trump doesn’t care about coronavirus deaths. Earlier this week, actor Robert De Niro called Trump a “lunatic” who has no regard for how many people die of the illness. “It’s like Shakespearean the whole thing. You’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around,” De Niro said. “Whereas, at one point, and they are doing this in the hearings a little more, trying to say tactically that this is what will happen. [Dr.] Fauci is doing that. It’s appalling. He wants to be reelected. He doesn’t even care about how many people die.”

Clearly, the liberal world of Hollywood is more desperate than ever to remove Trump from office by any means necessary.