When the pandemic is over, many questions must be answered

We’re starting to see more evidence that some leftist politicians, like the CCP, have not allowed this serious crisis to go to waste.

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When this is all over, we will continue to debate whether these extreme Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus restrictions were necessary and, if so, to what degree…because it’s obvious some local and state Democrat leaders have gone too far. Moreover, were the restrictions unnecessarily destructive to the American economy? Evidence continues to mount in that direction.

Evidence has also been unfolding that shows the CCP government has been treacherous throughout this entire pandemic, and the treachery continues. In fact, it’s looking more likely every day that we might not have had a global pandemic if the CCP had acted ethically.

I’m not saying the communist Chinese government created this CCP virus in a lab and then deployed it as a biological warfare attack. Then again, who knows with those folks? Still, it’s entirely believable that a form of government based on lies would not have reported and then covered up a virus unintentionally released from a lab. Then, with a history of lying to the world, they didn’t want the crisis to go to waste.

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In fact, according to, in February, the CCP expressed anger over countries that were restricting travel from China. This has turned out to have been a prescient action to take. President Trump began restricting travel on January 31 to the outrage of the CCP and the far-left media and Democrats.

Thankfully, outside of far-left Democrats and the mainstream media (I know, redundant) in the U.S., other nations in Asia, Europe, and Africa are not buying their lies. One particularly stinging rebuke that happened early on came from Denmark. The Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, published a cartoon depicting the CCP flag. But in this sarcastic version, the gold stars had been replaced with CCP virus particles.

Do you agree that protesting is acceptable, but rioting is not?

If you don’t believe the communist Chinese have anything to hide, amid a global pandemic that began in China, why won’t they allow western countries access to the Wuhan labs and markets? How else can victim countries investigate and properly mitigate this global health threat—and future threats?

That action alone makes it obvious they have something to hide, doesn’t it? Did the CCP create this virus in the lab? That doesn’t seem likely. However, were they conducting experiments with a newly discovered coronavirus and it escaped? That sure seems conceivable.

We’re starting to see more evidence that some leftist politicians, like the CCP, have not allowed this serious crisis to go to waste. The news media have reported the tyrannical actions inflicted on the people of their states by Democrat governors like Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Phil Murphy (NJ), and Ralph Northam (VA). But there are other leftists at city and county levels also taking full advantage of this crisis.

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Christopher Rufo recently wrote about San Francisco’s descent into where “the world of the poor increasingly resembles that of Mad Max—lawless, crime-ridden, and devoid of functioning authority.” Rufo describes that city concocting a toxic cocktail of releasing criminals from jail, not enforcing laws, and the city not only decriminalizing public camping but also instituting a “Tents for All” policy.

For the city’s Marxist District Attorney Chesa Boudin, an opponent of so-called “racist mass incarceration,” this pandemic has made him the proverbial kid in a candy shop. He’s “reduced the county jail population by nearly 50 percent.” And despite the claim that these criminals are “nonviolent drug offenders,” the San Francisco County Jail disclosed only four percent of their inmates had been arrested on drug charges. They also said, “68 percent of inmates were charged with violent crimes, weapons offenses, and other serious felonies.” I’m no math whiz, but even I can do that calculation.

While the mayor has ordered good productive San Franciscans to shelter in place, the city government has helped “homeless” camping to proliferate. Unsanitary camps and outdoor drug dealing, where social distancing means only far away enough to still be able to share a loaded syringe, are flourishing. Rufo writes, “In theory, progressives want to raise the floor beneath the dispossessed; in practice, they have dropped the roof on the working poor.”

As Rufo points out, the well-off will do fine in confinement, able to work from home and order food and supplies online and have deliveries to their homes. The working poor, who live in lower economic conditions, normally in high-crime neighborhoods, are the ones who have to deal with the increase in criminal behavior.

Rufo writes, “In residential neighborhoods, longtime residents describe the environment as ‘apocalyptic,’ with encampments, trash, and drug havens in every corner. As one public worker told the San Francisco Chronicle, ‘The alleys are filled with people who are high as a kite, and they are basically controlled by two drug dealers and a pimp.’”

This is not the behavior of sane government officials who are there to protect the law-abiding from lawbreakers. Rufo concludes noting that any progress made before the CCP virus lockdowns will be lost and “It may take an enormous time to recover.”

The far-left, like those running San Francisco, believe they will finally be the ones who will do socialism “right.” But it never happens. The only way creating a Utopia works is within the context of an individual’s right to the pursuit of happiness—to pursue his or her own little “Utopia.”

That’s because the mythical universal Utopia offered by socialists cannot work. People are just too different. And how can we be so sure socialism won’t work? Because it never works anywhere it’s tried. Never! Socialism only leads to misery. Always!

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Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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