Noted China hand Steven Mosher thinks the Chinese are using the response to the virus to cover up their involvement in the initial stages of the outbreak and then have been trying to advance an agenda after they were caught in the cover up.

He made his case on Tuesday on Fox News’  The Ingraham Angle.

“I don’t know why anyone takes China’s epidemic numbers seriously. The Chinese authorities have lied from the beginning of this outbreak. They don’t just fudge the numbers. They make them up out of whole cloth. You know, in Wuhan they tell us that from the beginning to the end of the epidemic in Wuhan, it’s not over yet by the way, that 2,535 died. Well, I think the number is more like 50,000. And let me tell you how I get that number. I get that number because the crematory ovens were going for 60 days and we estimate they were disposing of about a thousand corpses a day. That’s 60 thousand people.”

The Chicoms said 2,535. The accepted legitimate estimate is 50,000-60,000. Welcome to the Red Chinese version of facts.

Mosher went on, “And then on March 23rd, after the 60-day crematoria frenzy, they began handing out funeral urns. Five hundred funeral urns a day to grieving relatives from seven crematoria at times 14 days. Again, that’s about fifty thousand.”

From the inception of the virus, China has been lying.

Mosher concluded, “This is a massive effort on the part of China. It’s not just a few Twitter accounts. It’s thousands and thousands. And yet every Chinese embassy, every Chinese media outlet, including Hong Kong Phenix Television, which was in the press conference yesterday with President Trump, they’re all touting the Chinese, the great Chinese success in controlling the coronavirus epidemic when they haven’t controlled it at all. And they spread it around the world.”

Aiding and abetting the Chinese in this effort? The American mainstream media.