For the first time since the daily virus briefings started several weeks ago, on Friday President Trump walked out of the daily virus briefing without taking any questions from the press.

This was not completely unexpected. The president has had to take unfair abuse almost every day for weeks and weeks. No matter what he says the media will turn it into an admission of guilt at Nuremberg. Granted yesterday, on the disinfectant question, at first glance the president seems to have put his foot in his mouth. But on closer examination he only asked a question, told people to seek medical advice, then qualified his first statement.

Not exactly a cackling offer of the poisoned chalice of immediate death. And anyway, that’s Pelosi’s department.

But today the press and social media was full of those who said, including that soul of stoicism Hillary Clinton, Trump advocated direct injections of Lysol into the bloodstream. The president and his team have finally had enough of it.

What will be the fallout from his Friday press snub?

The media, the Left, and the Democrats will say they ran him out of town and crow victory. They will say the move was petulant, cowardly, immature and that he couldn’t stand the heat so he left the kitchen. They will shout Trump knew he was going to get justifiably bashed on the Lysol kerfuffle so he ran away with his tail between his legs. They will act like Trump was the Union at First Manassas. This is all they will talk about on the Sunday news shows.

The President and his team will say they had run out of patience with a biased and dishonest press and was tired of having their words twisted into indictments. Many will applaud the president for denying the press a daily punching bag. They will see it as strategy, not as ducking questions.

However, the president has made a reputation of coming across as a tough guy. Indeed he has shown courage in many political fights. But the Democrats and their media pals will say, tough guys don’t run away from a fight.