Every day during the coronavirus briefings from the White House the press and the president engage in a running rhetorical battle. He tries to tell the American people what his team is doing to fight the virus. The media tries to score points against him to serve their Democrat masters.

There seems to be three avenues of attack the media has deployed against Trump.

He not only has held the line, but has turned the attack back on them. Hence one reason why his poll numbers are up as high as they ever have been.

Here are the Democrat/media attack strategies.

  1. Outright false stories- The press leads with a false premise prefaced with a statement attacking the president.

    This is the most obvious line of attack and the most easiest parried. The president just goes after the premise and calls them out. On Wednesday he had to do it several times. When that doesn’t work and they look bad, the press retreats into ideology.

  2. Illegal aliens- Called “undocumented immigrants” by the press, the president corrects the definition.

    Specifically, the press asks whether illegal aliens will be covered by the stimulus bill or be able to get virus testing. They are trying to portray the president as heartless with gullible voters. They go back to that well time and time again. The press also tries to portray ICE as cold jailers who are infecting children with the virus. Not apparent in any press question is the query: Why would a parent bring those kids into a country that is undergoing a deadly public health crisis?

  3. Too late- A popular media tactic is saying the president was too late in acting against the virus.

    Here they echo their Democrat masters. They ignore his late January Chinese travel ban and the work of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. He answers them with facts. The media ignores his answer and repeats the question.

It happens every day. When this is over, on entirely other topics, the same will go on.