As opposed to other days when the president has been content to answer questions for an extended period, a clearly ticked off and exasperated President Trump took the press to task and abruptly left the daily White House virus briefing on Thursday. His ire was motivated by reporters piling on to ask passive aggressive biased questions.

The briefing started out calmly, as the president made an opening statement and then turned the podium over to Veep Mike Pence to continue the presser.

Pence briefed that Ohio has tripled testing virtually overnight and that states such as Indiana and Kentucky have also increased their testing capacity. He said that 4,500 U.S. military personnel were deployed across the nation at 19 hospitals in 7 states. Pence urged governors to consider the resumption of elective surgeries and noted that Arizona will do so on May 1st. The Vice-President further mentioned that 16 states released formal reopening plans, many going so far as to specify the plans county by county.

At that point a DHS official was called to the lectern and said that according to a study executed by DHS the half life of the coronavirus is significantly decreased when exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, alcohol, or bleach.  Three of the four would suggest people could remain healthy by isolating at tiki bars.

The president then retook the podium and praised the House for passing the $484 billion funding package for small business and virus relief. He will likely sign the bill on Friday. He made a point of saying he was not happy with the Georgia governor, “I wasn’t happy with Brian Kemp,” and Kemp’s decision to reopen barber shops, tattoo parlors, spas, and hair salons.

The president believes it is too early to reopen those specific venues. He mentioned that Joe Biden is “hiding in a basement” and that Biden has been “given a pass” by the mainstream media.

That remark caused the press to ask several questions that only served to advance their left wing agenda. The president, after answering more than a few of those questions and giving the press a piece of his mind, finally had enough and walked out.