Pity poor Joe Biden. He has been eclipsed by the virus and can’t get the media attention a convenience store robbery would merit.  His campaign is keeping him under wraps for fear he’ll open his yap and make himself look even more confused and no matter who he chooses for veep he will mightily tick off some Democrat hard left pressure group, and his nominating convention could be held on Zoom.

Now add on to this the hilariously deadpan Obama endorsement and the Biden campaign is not having a good April. The disgraced 44th president went into low energy mode when he gave the nod to his own veep. This is because if Biden were to win Obama wife Michelle’s own timetable for high office could be thrown off. So Obama gave an unendorsement endorsement, low key enough to make this dog whistle loud and clear: His former running mate is doomed.

This did not go unnoticed by the GOP. As such, the Republicans, using a State Farm Insurance ad as a premise, came up with this.

I like to think of it as a birthday present for this analyst. Gee, thanks guys. You totally should of.

Biden is generally, not completely, off limits to standard comedy, SNL, and late night talk shows. They will do anything to defeat the president, but must be professionally (if you can call modern entertainment a profession for adults) chomping at the bit to mock Biden’s befuddlement, weird delivery, and strange stories.

Can you imagine the laugh riot the debates will be? Trump’s only problem shapes up as not to beat up on Biden too bad, lest he look like he’s kicking a walker out from under a political cripple. All the president really has to do to win those contests is to sit back and let Joe Biden say whatever comes into his head. Thus we can look forward to odd references to 1950s-era social conventions, long in the tooth phraseology, and, a sure crowd pleaser, the much anticipated return of CornPop.