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Three more potential threats to American national safety

Some are going to come to pass. It's just a matter of time.

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As President Donald Trump leads the world in response to the coronavirus, no doubt his actions will act as a template for future threats to national and global safety. The president’s team, staffed with many strategic and long-term thinkers, are likely running models and scenarios on what could (and will) happen.

But what will those threats be? Here are some possibilities:

3. Yellowstone— She’s gonna blow. We just don’t know when but it’s due not that far into our future. If it went big, the national disaster, especially to the region surrounding Yellowstone, would be nationally devastating and would also have a global effect. Health, the economy, the climate, many things would be hit bad. It could be much worse than this virus. Much worse.

2. Nuclear war— No, we’re not talking about an all-out global exchange. That is very unlikely. But a regional exchange, India vs Pakistan, or a Russian-Chinese exchange if the Chinese tried to move into the mineral storehouse of Siberia, could happen. We’ve been lucky since 1945, when we used an A-bomb to save countless Japanese and Allied lives that would have been lost in an invasion of Japan. But weapons of any kind are eventually used when nations, or despots, feel backed into a corner. The effects of a regional exchange, depending on the weapons, the force, and the location could be relatively localized. But the bigger the nuclear release the more the climate and other essential facets of life would be dealt a horrible blow. Even all the way in North America.

1. Another pandemic— The current one came out of the blue and the next one might as well. However, because of this operation, and American leadership once again in fighting a worldwide threat, the scenario will be different. If we count this virus, WWII, and the Cold War, the United States has lead the way in saving the world three times in the last century. Pray to God we are in the position to do it again because sooner or later, we’ll need to.

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