The 6 states President Trump must win in November

These are the vital components of any Trump victory.

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President Trump looks like a good bet for reelection right now. People approve of his handling of the virus and his popularity is at an all-time high. His numbers are better at this point in his presidency than were the numbers of past presidents like Obama and Bush the Younger who were reelected.

But, the contest in U.S. presidential elections is played out in the Electoral College, and that means the states. The president must take several states to win. If he drops any one of them he could lose to Joe Biden. Here are those states and also states he could flip from the Democrats to his own column.

Pennsylvania– A must win. 20 electoral votes. He won there in 2016. This must be part of the deal in 2020. The Democrats will put a heavy move here, as it is a purple state with a Democrat governor.

Ohio– Almost can’t win the Oval Office without winning Ohio. 18 votes. The GOP has been strong there as of late. But Biden will appeal to some working class voters Trump won in 2016.

Florida– Gotta take it. 29 votes. As the northeast lost votes over the last two generations the south gained them. Florida was the leader in that. Trump is popular there with Latins, Panhandle conservatives, and Orlando-St. Pete-Tampa Republicans. Should stay loyal.

Texas– Simple math: No Texas? Trump loses. With 38 votes and a solid GOP history, you can see why.

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Michigan– This could prove a problem. 16 votes that went for Trump in 2016 in a purple state. If their governor is the veep choice for Biden, a good possibility, her coattails could hurt Trump there. The economy will matter big here. He could lose the state and still win. But it would be close. Next door Wisconsin, and its 10 votes, is vital too.

Those are some of the must wins. If any are lost the numbers could be made up by wins in New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Minnesota. But best case scenario? Win all of the above and flip one or two of the marginals.

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