Some people lead poodle-like existences to the extent that when a hardship comes they reveal themselves to be out of touch to an absurd degree.

No doubt this is happening to the rich and famous all over the world, as they lose their servants, flunkies, and hangers on to social distancing and stay at home coronavirus restrictions. But nowhere is it as unintentionally funny and pathetic as it is in Hollywood.

And as usual no is more out of touch in Hollywood than Bette Midler.

On Tuesday she tweeted, “I never knew my appliances as well as I’m starting to know them. So grateful to #Kenmore and #Maytag,” Midler said to her almost 2 million devotees. “This is no joke. I salute housekeepers around the globe, doing your best to keep your families well, safe and alive.”

“Knew my appliances…this is no joke…”

There a lot of people out there with no self-awareness. But to put out a tweet like that ranks one at the top of the list. Midler doesn’t seem to realize that most Americans have quite a detailed knowledge of their appliances since they don’t have butlers, maids, housekeepers, chauffeurs, and gardeners to serve them on a daily basis.

However now, as they have left poor Bette all alone so they can hunker down at home, she is forced to live a normal life. Hence her confusion, as that practice likely has not happened in several decades. It recalls Mike Bloomberg saying during a debate, “It’s not like I can use Turbotax.”

This profound disappointment of being abandoned by their servants is the probable reason a lot of Hollywood has been extra rabid as of late. Oh sure, we can have a pandemic and, according to them, an orange madman in the White House intent on domestic dictatorship and world destruction. But take away their masseuses and personal trainers and that’s when they get really annoyed.