Dirty FBI agent Strzok prevented the end of Flynn probe

He knew there was no evidence against Flynn. But he was out to get the president through Flynn.

Image Credit: Fox News screenshot

Disgraced FBI playboy agent Peter Strzok intervened to keep it open when other FBI agents wanted to end the case against General Michael Flynn. Strzok was using Flynn to get to the president.

Fox News reports, “In pursuit of information on Flynn, the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ team investigating the Trump team ‘conducted a check of logical databases for any derogatory information’ on Flynn. The January 4, 2017 FBI report states that ‘no derogatory information was identified in FBI holdings. ‘ ”

Flynn was as clean as the proverbial whistle, “Based on the lack of derogatory information, the Washington Field Office concluded that Flynn ‘was no longer a viable candidate as part of the larger CROSSFIRE HURRICANE umbrella case.’ ”

The January 4 memo concluded with this paragraph: “The FBI is closing this (Flynn) investigation. If new information is identified or reported to the FBI regarding the activities of CROSSFIRE RAZOR, the FBI will consider reopening the investigation if warranted.’ ”

Closing. Done. Finished. But Strzok had other plans.

“Yet, on that same day — Jan. 4, 2017 — Strzok instructed the FBI case manager handling CROSSFIRE RAZOR to keep the investigation open. “Hey don’t close RAZOR,” Strzok texted an unidentified individual.”

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The FBI wanted to close the probe but Strzok stopped them and Jim Comey didn’t stop Strzok.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley: “I have been a criminal defense attorney for decades,” Turley tweeted. “I have seen abusive tactics. However this is one of the most thuggish records I have seen. Most concerning is that they were trying to create a crime, not investigating a crime.”

He concluded: “There was a time when networks like MSNBC and CNN argued for civil liberties and against such abuses. Now, because such principles would benefit Trump, there is just a shrug with a common mantra ‘everyone does it.’ Yes, abuses occur but that is not license for their commission.”

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