It was inevitable and quick.

Democrats and the Chinese communists, perhaps working in tandem, harshly criticized President Trump on Wednesday for his Tuesday decision to pull U.S. funding out of the incompetent and duplicitous World Health Organization. China is backing the WHO to the hilt. Of course it is, it wants a decent return on investment.

The Chinese Communist leadership in Beijing must be so pleased to have a majority of the U.S. House and over forty U.S. senators doing their bidding on Capitol Hill. This is not an isolated incident for the Democrats. You can always count on them to do all they can to damage American interests, more so if President Trump has anything to do with the question.

Politically? Backing the WHO is lunacy for the Democrats. So, have at it kids!

But GOP leaders supported the president, “Glad to see @realDonaldTrump halt funding to the @WHO. We need to review their role in helping Communist China lie about the #Coronavirus, before any more taxpayer money is spent,” Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida tweeted. “This was the right move and I look forward to a full Congressional investigation into the WHO.”

Typical of the Democrat response was this, “…your attack on the global health organization can easily be seen as a deliberate but transparent effort to deflect responsibility for your own failures onto others,” wrote Democrat Reps. Carolyn Maloney of New York and Steven Lynch of Massachusetts. They added that the president’s “attempt to blame the WHO for trusting China reflects an astonishing level of hypocrisy given your own fawning and widely publicized praise of President Xi Jinping and his government for their handling of this crisis.”

But wait, there’s more!

“While the WHO may have made mistakes in its response to this crisis, it was certainly not alone, and it defies logic to withhold support from the WHO at this pivotal moment—at the height of a global pandemic—when promoting the health of nations around the world is essential to protecting our own population and rebuilding our own economy,” said Maloney and Lynch.

Attack Trump, defend China, and ignore the malfeasance of an organization whose incompetence and dishonesty has resulted in the deaths of many Americans. All in a normal day for Democrats.