One of the most disgusting parts of the modern Democrat agenda is their toleration of hate-filled anti-Semites in their party. Along with the rest of the hard-left agenda, a loathing for Israel, an oasis of democracy in a sea of authoritarian regimes, has taken its place in their long lamentable list of pathologies.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Linda Sarsour, a venomous wretch of anti-American and anti-Western bile, is actively working with other Democrats to defeat a Democrat who swims against the prog tide when it comes to Israel. But national Democrats say nothing about Sarsour and do little more. They invite her to freely take her place on their platforms to spew her rank bigotry. So much for the party of tolerance and inclusion. Oh, you can be tolerated and included alright, as long as you comport to the hate.

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The Free Beacon reports, “Andom Ghebreghiorgis, an anti-Israel activist, co-hosted a virtual town hall with Sarsour to attack [Elliot] Engel, the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Engel has been a consistent defender of Israel during his 27-year tenure in Congress—a policy record that his left-wing primary challengers see as a vulnerability.”

The report continues: “[Engel] has said that conditioning military aid to Israel is one of the stupidest things ever. To me, that is just a wild statement,” Ghebreghiorgis said. ‘Those are actually integral parts of our campaign, ending military aid to not just Israel and Egypt but also Saudi Arabia, UAE, [and] the Philippines.'”

What do all those nations have in common? They are American allies.

The report concludes, “Sarsour lavished praise for the leftist challenger, telling viewers that ‘the kids loved him’ while he taught overseas. The controversial activist, who has faced accusations of anti-Semitism, also sharply criticized Engel’s pro-Israel stance as ‘not acceptable for any member of Congress’…Ghebreghiorgis is not the only anti-Israel candidate seeking to dethrone Engel. Jamaal Bowman, another progressive candidate running against Engel, has also vowed to cut all military aid to Israel. Bowman currently leads Ghebreghiorgis in fundraising, hauling in $540,000 this cycle while Ghebreghiorgis has raised $202,000, according to election filings.”

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Such are the modern Democrats, handmaidens to hate and its putrid fury.