An inmate who was released from a California jail due to concerns over COVID-19 has now been accused of stealing a car just forty minutes later.

Alameda County authorities told the Associated Press that Rocky Lee Music, 32, has been charged with carjacking a motorist on Sunday night, a mere forty minutes after being released from the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin in the San Francisco Bay Area. Music allegedly stole a Toyota Prius located right by the jail and drove it to San Ramon, where he abandoned it and tried to carjack another victim. When this failed, he tried to run away on foot before he was apprehended with the help of a police dog.

Thousands of inmates have been released from jails across California after the state’s Judicial Council issued an emergency order on April 13, cutting bail to zero for those charged with low-level offenses. This was done because of fears that prison inmates would come down with COVID-19 behind bars, with the AP noting that 16 inmates tested positive for coronavirus at the Santa Rita Jail.

Since being apprehended again, Music has been charged with felony carjacking, unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle, and receiving stolen property, according to the Mercury News. His prior criminal record includes convictions for felony unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle in December 2018, second-degree burglary in 2018, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury in 2016, second-degree burglary in 2013, and second-degree burglary in 2012.

Music isn’t the only California inmate to commit a crime right after being released due to this order. Owen Aguilar, 27, of Selma has been accused of setting nine fires just after being released from the Fresno County Jail, where he was being held on charges of animal cruelty. He is now facing 46 years in jail for setting the fires at places like a tent occupied by a homeless man, several commercial Dumpsters, and a shopping cart which spread to brush and debris.

Liberals all over the country are fighting for prison inmates to be released due to COVID-19, making it clear that Democrats care more about criminals than they do about the safety of law-abiding citizens. This should show them exactly why releasing these inmates is so dangerous to society. These thugs are in prison for a reason, and they deserve to remain behind bars regardless of this pandemic.